ZERO WASTE PRODUCT REVIEWS | Klean Kanteen, Brush with Bamboo, & More!

In this video I review mesh product bags, a Klean Kanteen Travel Mug, a Simply Straw, a Lunchskins sandwich bag, Reusable Cotton Rounds from an Etsy seller, and Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes. For your convenience I have included timestamps and links below:

00:24 Mesh Produce Bags:
01:23 Klean Kanteen Travel Mug:
02:43 Simply Straw:
03:35 Lunchskins:
04:57 Reusable Cotton Rounds: (similar- I can’t find the tan colored ones I boughts sorry!)
05:37 Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush:
My toothbrush video:

Apologies for not getting a video up last week! My mom came to visit (yay!) and I spent ALL my free time with her. This video also took a lot of time to not only plan and film, but also edit! Let me know if you’d like me to do another one in a few months- I have a few products I didn’t have a chance to include in this video! 🙂


If you’re new here, hello! I’m Sara. I make videos about minimalism, travel, and green living. I love meeting new people with these interests so please leave me a comment and we can chat! 🙂


WatermelonLover says:

Didn't know that reusable cotton rounds were a thing! Thanks for sharing!

E 000388310 says:

Maybe check out the Stasher bags they are reusable “ziplock bags” I don’t know about their sustainability but they definitely reduce waste. You can get them on amazon and at the container store.

Koshka219 says:

What do you think about Amazon? Have you heard anything about it's bad impact on our planet? I am very convinced, that this is a worst company ever, his owner Jeff B. so far has 140 000 000 000$ and this is no good in any way. This is why I never buy from Amazon, not to support his business. If of any interest, check Jimmy Door show on his thoughts about Jeff…

Teresa charniak says:

use a baby bottle brush

Janine 04 says:

Try false teeth cleaning tablets for your flask.

Rozalyn Finch says:

Try a baby bottle cleaner to clear out the bottom of your mug 🙂

Jessica Mae Parkin says:

Put bicarbonate of soda in your flask with boiling water and it will get rid of the tea stain

Malu M Caminha says:

You should not put coconut Oil in your face, it's not good for that! If u can, try to find anotar Oil that is safer To use on the face

London Silva says:

For the sandwich bag, you can make your own wraps for sandwiches and other things with beeswax. I use old unstretchy cotton from old pajamas and shirts or whatever and it works great. I've noticed klean kanteen can be somewhat easily marked but they last a long time. There are cleaning brushes and I think some DIY's which work great for these purposes. If you have clothes you don't want anymore some are great for turning into cleaning rags, rounds or squares for removing makeup, etc there are an absurd amount of possibilities.

Lseverett5 says:

Get a stainless steel food container. They are great. Your makeup cloths are what I needed. Checked out the link..if you scroll down, other sellers offer the unbleached ones.

Grace Fay says:

Thank you so much for this video! I didn’t even think to check the produce bags before buying them for sustainable materials and whether it was biodegradable or not. I was about to buy those exact ones, and will now be purchasing another type that is biodegradable!

mmmollusk man says:

I use the Onya brand mesh produce bags, they say they make them out of recycled plastic bottles

Sophie Stanley says:

Love the little cotton rounds! Just made an ethical vegan haul over on my channel, love this type of conscious content!

Wendy Pursel says:

Clean your canteen jug with a bottle brush. your straw can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner.

Pauliina friberg says:

I also had problems with my humble brush. I got bristles stuck between my teeth and sometimes I've even had to use tweezers to pull them out

Toria Rose says:

Try miswak for a better alternative for brushing teeth. Search for it on Amazon. Before I discovered miswak, I used one of those bamboo toothbrushes. Funnily enough, the bristles also came loose while brushing. I think I got it had a health food store and then saw reviews for it on Amazon. Other ppl on there were saying the same, that the bristles had come loose. I've been using the miswaks for over 2 yrs now, and love 'em. You do have an initial adjustment period, to overcome the brainwashing of needing to have that chunk of plastic in your mouth (toothbrush).

Ruchie says:

Hi. Thank you for the honest reviews!
For mesh bags alternative I recommend Frusack, it's biodegradable.
I'm buying Klean Kanteen water bottle so it's good to hear it should be leakproof. For tea stains, I used soda bicarbonate and hot water for cleaning (just leave it there for some time, then wash) for my tea kettle and it worked pretty good.
Definitely a great idea with those cotton pads for makeup removal, I have to try them. Thanks!

Patric Pappenberg says:

You can get cleaning beads made of stainless steel to get rid of the tea stain

Karen Schmidt says:

So excited about the reusable cotton rounds! Just bought some regular ones yesterday, and thought, "What am I doing buying these??" Am also wondering if you've ever found an environmentally -friendly folding toothbrush? The only folding travel toothbrushes I've found are plastic. 🙁

Maria Lopez says:


ceilingbattles says:

for Canadians another toothbrush alternative is Bam Brushes, they have a similar design, with slightly softer bristles, they ship anywhere in canada for free and also have a subscription-type service where they send you a new toothbrush every few months with a discount(plus they're cheaper than brush with bamboo)

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