Zenith Build 2019 (Guide) – Going Through Walls (Warframe Gameplay)

Zenith Build 2019 (Guide) – Going Through Walls (Warframe Gameplay)

The Zenith is a Login Reward primary Assault Rifle with two fire modes. A player must first accumulate at least one hundred logins in order to obtain the weapon that features “Infinite Punchthrough”

In Primary fire mode the Zenith is a standard assault rifle with a very lower critical chance but high status chance, good fire rate and a mediocre amount of damage.

The weapon comes to life in secondary fire mode where we get access to infinite punchthrough plus a marker on enemies heads that will make it easier for us the find our targets when we don’t have direct line of sight but keep in mind that some limitations apply.
The Semi fire mode also boasts a much higher critical chance of thirty five percent and a critical multiplier of two point five which makes it a prime candidate for Hunter Munitions build. Speaking of which the weapon performs rather poorly in primary fire mode but in secondary fire mode it can melt high level targets if modded with a critical slash build.

I expected a lot of this weapon and for the most part it didn’t disappoint. My only gripe remains that primary fire mode that has nothing special to it. That said, the weapon can be immensely powerful given its gimmick is very effective and I’d highly encourage anyone to make use out of the secondary fire mode and if at all possible get a critical chance / critical damage riven to further augment the value of the slashes obtained through Hunter Munitions.

Fair warning, this is a login weapon! You won’t be able to get it back if you chose to sell it.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

LeyzarGamingViews :


LeyzarGamingViews says:

Fair warning, this is a login weapon! You won't be able to get it back if you chose to sell it.

NoisR says:

rolled my zenith riven yesterday multishot and dmg now i have to wait for the zenith to arrive xD

Iceberg Titan-Sinker says:

For anyone viewing this video now (at the time of this comment being posted), the disc no longer has a timer and now lasts indefinitely until you either reload or manually detonate the disc using the alt-fire button. Also, the Zenith's primary fire works better against Grineer with a corrosive build, as armor goes down, slash (which deals bonus damage to cloned flesh) becomes stronger, basically swapping the damage bonus against ferrite armor from corrosive with the damage bonus to cloned flesh from slash. Not to mention, since you are stripping armor, the weapon itself will do more damage alongside still applying slash procs, which makes kill time significantly quicker.

James Gordon says:

I never got the option for it and Iโ€™m past day 100 and I have a riven for it

Anthony Downes says:

You post A LOT of weapons, for someone like me who usually uses a wep to spam AoE kills and struggles with nullifiers what wep out of your list would you suggest I focus forma, catlysts ect.

Zero says:

Zenith got nerf badly.

No longer has a timer and it goes by how much ammo in the magazine.

Reloading destroyed the Disc.

Robby Bevard says:

It's worth noting that this weapon got buffed just a couple weeks after this video. It's alt fire in now ammo based rather than duration, and it only uses 3 shots at a time instead of 5. WAY better.

ZyoH says:

Awww i got the zenistar instead

C Power says:

After leaving cetus just now they hooked me up with 3 gifts to pick from. The Zenistar, Zenith and Sigma and octantis. Think I will just pick the Zenistar.

Adam Fritz says:

the only thing that's changed on the zenith is the secondary timer it's now shot based,but overall great video thanks for the info.

KillerCronos23 says:

Reached my 300th login today and obviously chose the zenith. so far im really liking it. one difference thow the secondary fire disk is no longer time based and ends when you empty your clip in the 2nd mode.

Lucian Lancaster says:

I use the status to reduce their armour then kill them with my alt fire or melee weapon.. Depending my circumstances.

jaleel petty says:

Do the zenastar

AutistiCat says:

Rip, I got the Azime a few weeks before the change came so now I have to wait so long๐Ÿ˜ 

86cid says:

i got it last night foe 300 days xD

Cro the Stray says:

They changed it after i reached 403 logins… finally got it today XD

cookie0329 says:

somewhat useful tip for new zenith users: if you use your secondary fire burton while reloading in auto mode, you switch to semi, and it wont go away until you switch back, but you wont get the reticles

Kevin Telles says:

Got mine yesterday for my 500th day login ๐Ÿ˜Š

Mellow Sans says:

wait did it recently got changed or something?

Stahlwollvieh says:

So… if I have more than 100 and less than 500 logins and don't have the Zenith, am I gonna get it at 500? O.o

Panther 039 says:

Great builds as always Thank you. I had to wait for 500 days and now I am just about 3 weeks away from 1000 days login. Go Me lol


I chose azima first. Ugggh

Experience Master says:

If it's an infinite punchthrough weapon……..why does it still care about armor?

CMANIAC1 says:

Yay…noobs can get a weapon that should only be worthy for veterans….

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