Yeti Roadie 20 VS Walmart Ozark Trail Cooler Review and Ice Hold Test

Yeti Roadie 20 VS Walmart Ozark Trail Cooler Review and Ice Hold Test

Review and Ice Hold Test on a Yeti Roadie 20 versus a cheap Walmart brand Ozark Trail or OT cooler that is basically a knock off of the Yeti. I use a 10 pound bag of ice in each cooler and check back 30 hours later. The Ozark Trail is only $85 where the Yeti Roadie 20 is normally $200 so the OT has a clear advantage over the Yeti there, the OT is a little bigger, has cap holders, a bottle open and easy to change handles (if you can even buy replacement handles). The Yeti has none of that but does have a drain plug and certainly you can get replacement handles although the are hard to change, click my video below of us trying to replace a Yeti Roadie handle while drinking! At the end of the day the Yeti did hold ice after 30 hours where as the Ozark Trail did not hold any ice although it was cold. It’s a simple real world test, it was 65 at night and roughly 88 degrees during the day during that time frame, they stayed in an open air garage in the shade. Does that make the Yeti worth more that twice the price of the Walmart knock off OT cooler? That’s for you to decide, comment down below and like and subscribe!!! Oh yeah and has Yeti destroyed their brand by backing out of NRA Support? Do you think RTIC is better? What is your favorite Cooler Brand? Comment down below.

Another video with Yeti VS Igloo


JG JG says:

OMG dude you are the worst with the camera.

NetHead87 says:

My Pelican Cooler keeps it 3 days, but the trick is conditioning it. I will put freezer cubes in it the night before to get it cold before I put my ice in and it maximizes it

JoAnne Pepe says:

Just saved me $200.

jj shoot says:

I have had a 5 gallon pail hold ice for longer than those 2 pieces of overpriced shit/crap …
thumbs down on both of them …

CFRealityChick TT says:

Made in China BS!!!! I love u 😁 Great minds think alike 😉

Andy Andy says:

It looks like the Yeti has thicker walls which is probably why the ice lasted longer but it also seems to reduce the volume by quite a bit so I’d say the performance and capacity is a wash between the two coolers making the yeti even more of a rip off.

tree feller says:

Add some reflectix to the OT and I bet it at least does equally as good if not better.

0wen says:

Piss poor camera work – like rest of the video

40hecklerusp says:

I wouldn’t own a yeti if it were given to me

truly1676 says:

I like my Ozark trail. Key is to pack it full of ice and layer your drinks between the ice. Pack it nice and it keeps ice.

marjdickson says:

Neither cooler is very good.

Robert Moore says:

Igloo sportsman is their version of the Yeti. It’s half the price of the Yeti, twice as big and holds ice twice as long. Yeti sucks

mike Mike says:

The yeti won.!😁

Bishop Dr. Wayne P. Yarborough, Jr. says:

I bought an Ozark Trail last year. $85 beats $300 for a cooler everyday, all day. Held ice for 4 days in 80 degree weather. I call that a win.

shawng7902 says:

I opted for the $90 ozark at walmart. Oddly for someone with $400 in yeti cups I didnt want to spend the $300 on a cooler. I think it is absolute junk. I just used it last weekend. Half full it melted 10# of ice in about 30hrs and thats with another 4# of yeti ice in it.

Father&Sons Rc says:


Anthony Rasa says:

you always need to cool cooler down with ice for 2 hrs then put fresh new ice in it and it will stay longer

Matt McLean says:

Boughtn an OT at the beginning of the summer. Great buy, love it!

Lupillo Covarrubias says:

Thanks for the video. . . . I definitely stay wt the $80 bucks. . .. . .is short time they do the same

James Crider says:

I use yeti for target practice! If you’re anti NRA OR ANTI 2nd Amendment I have no use for you!

Magnus Dominus says:

My 5 day cooler keeps Ice longer.

Ed Evans says:

Love total BS Vids like this. Dude puts a 10 Lb bag of ice into the cooler and the beers stay in the trunk cos there’s no frickin room for anything else. Lame lame lame. Save your money folks and drink your Suds Hot!!

Michael M says:

I️ have a yeti 20 also and it leaked out of the drain also, I️ sent it back and they gave me a new one. Funny though yours does it must be there mold for the 20

20BMR says:

Yeti= for the rich country boy

Ozark= for the wanna be Yeti country boy

Coleman= that’s for “Gary” country boy

Case of beer no cooler= that’s for the real bad ass poor country boy who drinks as many cold and finishes em warm. Money saved for more beer

A. N. says:

I picked up a yeti 45 cooler. Best purchase ive ever made. I used it for deer meat during hunting season. Keeps the meat nice and cool for the long drive home.

Bullsnort 706 says:

still using my igloo!!! works fine…do what it supposed to do!!!

To Bar says:

Fake. That Yeti was a paid actor.

jj shoot says:

it was a 5 gallon bucket that held Jelly from a donut shop…I think the Jelly came from Mexico.
it had a Mexican address on the label..but the bucket had 40% of the ice left after 2.50 days my Van and it was 80-85 degrees out. Summer time in New England.

Josh Haywood says:

Makes me feel good about my 15 year old igloo that holds ice for days

Kayla Wireman says:

Hey there Buddy. Your test is inaccurate: you had stated in the begging of your clip that the Yati cooler volume is a little smaller than the Ozark Trail cooler, and you placed the same amount of ice in both coolers. In this case, the ice in the Yati cooler will last longer than the ice in the Ozark Trail cooler. Just simple physics that you forgot to mention.. By the way; as a product designer, that I am, the Ozark Trail cooler is designed better than the Yati: First of all, the Ozark Trail size make more sense, since once you place the standard 10 pound bag in both of them, there is not much space left in the Yeti to place products. Also the shape, size and proportion of the Ozark trail, lets the ice bag seat low without forcing or fighting the shape of the frozen bag, and will give you more space above the ice. Also, the size and proportion of the Ozark Trail has a smaller footprint, which translate to better space in your car trunk, or camper.So, I think both of this cooler are performing about the same way as far as keeping the ice from melting, and one of them is over $200, and the other one is $82 dollar at Walmart.I hope Mr. Yati reads my comment, and improve his design, and reduce his prices..

Mike Manfredo says:

NRA and Yeti claims are just inaccurate. I can’t believe you hear one side and deem the other spiteful. Just another guilty until proven innocent.

Rick Lemke says:

Your camerawork is horrible

Kevin Davis says:

F’ck Yeti, leftists Sh*tbags. Good for taking a p*ss or a dump in.

The NRA says Hi.

Pariah Felix says:

Why would I pay top dollar for shit made in China. (Yeti).

Hayden Dunning says:

A YETI cooler that wasn’t compromised would keep it solid. He said himself it leaked and was 4 YEARS OLD. coolers have a max life 3 years max. That being said for $300 YETI has to step up the longevity of their products. That is the take away.

Alexander Eilers says:

Igloo for the win

Tina Kirschenman says:

Love my Yeti Tumblers. I have had ice last two days. But I’m not spending that much on a cooler.

Joseph Atnip says:

If you want to know if the screws are stainless check it with a magnet if it don’t stick its probably stainless

DixieBoy380 says:

Ya can buy alot off ice for the cost difference in those coolers

Sergio Armas says:

Your flag is not displayed correctly. Union to the left

tank darla says:

My igloos and colemans and generics work just fine

Tim Erickson says:

LMAO the yeti is what $500 . That is insane unless you are going to the Moon and you own a yeti you have earned your sign they are selling overpriced crap to idiots. The cooler in my camper in summer would keep the ice for 36 hours. A block of ice would last almost twice as long. Where are you going where you must have a $500 cooler

MrBioMega says:

This videos so pointless

Joseph Atnip says:

I got to steal 1970s blue red and white thermos brand cooler that looks like it holds up just as good as them

Nice Guy Eddie says:

Yeti coolers are over-priced status symbols. They are also run by dishonest management per their schism with the NRA.

Kevin John says:

NRA – No Radicals Allowed

david laird says:

Quality is quality. There is a reason Yeti isn’t going out of business, and that’s because their stuff is actually good. Just because those other coolers “look” as good as a yeti, doesn’t mean they are. And you can bolt a bottle opener onto a for Ford Taurus, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be better made than a Mercedes. Small cheap accessories are just used to draw people in. A lot more goes into things other than just the looks. If you don’t want a Yeti, and want a Walmart made ice chest, then buy one. No one will judge you for it and it doesn’t mean you have to talk shit about a well made more expensive made product in order to justify your wallmart purchase.

Frederick J Gomeringer Jr says:

I would not buy a Yeti myself but I was given a Rambler drinking container and it is the best insulated drinking cups I’ve had but it is also the first of this style of insulated drinking bottle…

Where Are YETI Products Manufactured? Our Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as at a facility located in the Philippines. Our Hopper coolers, Panga duffels, and Rambler drinkware are manufactured in China.
Incase anyone was curious instead of claiming they are all just Chinese junk. We Americans can make junk too.

Michael Petrasek says:

Throw that Yeti POS away. Yeti is garbage, as is their CEO.

Kieth J says:

Y’all are just paying for a name brand. OT for the win!