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Alisha Carter says:

Thank you for making Shayla's day… or excuse me.. she said Universe…. lol and she said it was a good thing she used her good writing on that project… lol

Kylee Fosmark says:

girlll a bigger rug would make the space and the table totally stand out DO IT love ya

Makenzie Gage says:

Love the mirrors ??

Gab Gab says:

You should buy another table to make it bigger … just a thought! everything looks great thought.

Kaitlyn McCullers says:

this reminds me of when i moved into my house about two years ago i recently went to my old house which is a town away because we are friends with our tenets and i realized how small the house actually was but as a kid it seemed huge it was the craziest experience ever?

Renee Jefferson says:

I want a room tour of your kids room

Cheese Queen says:

Bigger blue rug

Avocado Love says:

I think you should get a big circle table

Alexis Sorrell says:

No rug in the kitchen

It's Lifeof.a says:

Favorite vlogger ❤️

Jamya Lee says:

NOOO RUGG It doesnt look right but if You did get it in a bigger size but its your choice but I LIKE YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH AND IDK WHY CLEVELAND PUT THE TABLE ON THE WINDOW LIKE LOL

hh _246 says:

Javonne had a baby in 2007 he died rip jordan

Jaliyah Allanah says:

dont pur a rug at all it looks fine

SimplyKynedi says:

Love you guys ?

R.A Stars Vlogz and Main Channel says:

Omg i love u soo much can u shot me out

Lifeisajurnee Xo says:

You can put little rubber things under the legs to prevent them from moving! Because if you get a rug you'll have to vacuum it and wash it if it gets too dirty

Amaya Elise says:

Love you and your family so muchhhh !!!!!

Nia Brown says:

I think you should get a bigger table

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