X2 Front Row POV Extreme Roller Coaster Six Flags Magic Mountain

X2 Front Row POV Extreme Roller Coaster Six Flags Magic Mountain

Official X2 POV in 1080p. Extreme Roller Coaster Filmed by CoasterViews with a Sony HD camera. Located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

Height: 175′
Drop: 215′
Inversions: 2
Speed: 76 mph

X2 (formerly known as X) is a steel roller coaster operating at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. It is the world’s first 4th Dimension roller coaster and was the final roller coaster conceived and installed by ride manufacturer Arrow Dynamics. The ride is unique in that the trains’ seats pitch 360 degrees forwards and in reverse independent of the main chassis. The coaster initially opened to the public on January 12, 2002; numerous malfunctions delayed it from debuting in 2001 as was originally anticipated. On December 2, 2007, the ride closed for its transformation into X2. It was completely repainted, received new third generation vehicles, and featured new special effects including a pair of flame throwers. The ride reopened on May 24, 2008, following the upgrades. The ride’s moniker is pronounced X-two by the amusement park; however, due to the ‘2’ being in superscript, the ride is sometimes referred to as X-squared, or Xtreme to the Second Power.

The ride, along with Tatsu and Full Throttle, are considered to be Six Flags Magic Mountain’s signature coasters. The ride is one of the most popular in the park, with wait times often exceeding two hours.


Andrea aa says:

The only ride that ever made me shed a tear

Dukieboy73 A says:

I saw videos on how bad this ride was but I just had to find out for myself, It didn’t go well

Zak Bagans' #1 Fan says:

This ride looks fun

Ouff Its Jinjey says:

i rose this yesterday. 90 minute wait in line, and have me a huge headache .. WORTH IT

RiverTheBrooke says:


kim태국 says:

Went on here when I was 6… Worst decision ever. Lets just say it traumatized me and I will never go on another roller coaster.

Ralph black says:

Wow!!!! This is one hell of a roller coaster ride! I really wish I could ride on one of those, I live closer to Kings Island, not too far from Cedar point, but the fourth dimension roller coaster is just unique and very genuine way to ride.
I know B&M has built a wing coaster, gatekeeper for cedar point the without the rotating seats is cool way to enjoy The ride, Kings island is about due for another radical ride someday,, I know S&S Powers is the only manufacture that can build a fourth dimension roller coaster like the X2,, but I wonder if B&M can build their version of a true fourth dimension roller coaster, with rotating seats and audio Entertainement build into the ride, just like the X2 at magic mountain

a says:

the music is a nice touch

Carl’s Jr. Star says:

Expectation: this ride ain’t that intense
Reality: 😭😱OMGwhydididothisjejendne$j

Allauh Akbar says:

999 dislikes

Wiseguy5150 says:

Cedar point should get this style of coaster for 2020

mel says:


Cinamon Randles says:

Best ride everrrrrrrrrrr.

Cinamon Randles says:

Oh and the fire on the ride is no longer boo, and the music is only on the ride up. So sad.

Tania Erazo says:

I voy no x2 that’s why I am seen tris video

Stats101 says:

I have never ever been scared of a coaster while riding it until I rode this one. Pure fear with every spin of your seat…but man I want to ride it again

BingBing BongBong says:

This. EFN. roller. Coaster…..to say it’s intense is an understatement. At 02:23 the forces are so damn intense. Ugh.

Jhoselyn S says:

Seating in the middle gives it a better thrill! This ride is scary asf but I love it !😭

Rotting Pork says:

I fuckin loved this ride… made me appreciate the fact that I was alive

Alex Zamora says:

They should keep Enter Sandman playing throughout the whole ride.

Mily L says:

Omg I can’t!🙅🏾‍♀️

Gillian Ragan says:

That my first ride I was afraid I would hit a pole


great ride

bread Head says:

it looks cool then i went on it it i was like wow then the drop came it span scaring me also it was night so it was harder on banging your head

Macey Knowles says:

Thought it was front row ???

DCODEE 2 says:

Anyone else bang there head pretty hard towards the end?

Hennessy Rodriguez says:

I’m like getting MAYJOR ANXIETY watching this😂

Zach Lust says:

Underrated coaster. If you learn how to ride it, you see Alan Shilke in all of his brilliance. It may not match the best of the RMC’s, but whipping through crazy elements at 76 MPH is a unique experience. I really hope that somebody makes a 80+ MPH wing coaster at some point. That would be off the chains!

B20 Beast says:

Did anyone else get a concussion towards the end of this ride? It literally brought my head forward and slammed it backwards. The ride was fun but the head slam ruined my entire day 😒

Andrea aa says:

The little teaser fall at the beginning only means you’re right about to die

jammerfrost says:

Rip Lee Ermy

Madeline Kramer says:

No offense, but the filming was pretty bad so I couldn’t see why people were screaming.

Lollipop Unicorn says:

I almost felt like dying on this ride. 😂

yunho kim says:


Kidation is cute says:

For anyone wondering how they’re going upside down when there are no inversions, the seats rotate 360 degrees

John Nydam says:

I took a 4.5 hr flight to LA on 4 hrs sleep, drove an hour to magic mountain and my friend somehow decided we were going on Tatsu and then X2 twice all 3 in a 45 minute period. It took me 2 hours to feel right enough to drive home. Great ride! I couldn’t have went on tatsu twice this is smoother and more enjoyable

cashprinter5000 says:

And some still say that gatekeeper is better…….

Fluffy Bunny says:

Um.. if I like the twisted colossus (only have ridden in the middle row) but still think it’s scary…. would I be absolutely terrified on this ride???

Justine Barnum says:

The HEADACHE I got was worth it lol

I am Confusion says:

I’m going today I’m not a coaster person so I’m nervous

TonyPlayzGames says:

this was my favorie ride

Glamorous says:

My first time on Twisted Colassus, I wasn’t scared so I decided to go in the front row. I wasn’t scared in the line, but I was scared on the ride. For some reason, on Goliath, (on my first time) it was the other way around. Maybe because I wasn’t in the front. Anyways, I would die on this. My brother loves it but it looks so terrifying!

Cinamon Randles says:

So funny you can see full throttle when up that high. But not in this video. Lol it wasn’t in the park yet.

Miguel Torres says:

Love this ride

Ryan Summers says:

The worst part about this ride is when I let my dad try the inside seat after he said the ride was too rough

ClassicMoviesYes MMCHNo says:

I heard Metallica on this!

Weirdlyoneoffs says:

Best ride ever! But I hated the noise in the station, but you have to ride it over and over…

Nancy Plur says:

when i went on that ride with my kids and my husband it was crazy

scooter To the shin says:

When I rode this it hurt my legs because they had no restraints keeping them from flying up and down

Cory Harris says:

My favorite ride ever. Park was empty one day and we got to just sit on it 5 times straight in the front