Wristwatch News: September 2018 | Armand The Watch Guy

In today’s video, I would like to discuss a few of the most impressive and interesting new releases over the past month with models including the a groundbreaking new quartz GMT watch from Grand-Seiko, a fascinatingly unique chronograph from Habring, and a set of Nomos dress watches which truly do have a ‘Bauhaus’ design.

Featured watches:
-Nomos Tangente “A Century of Bauhaus”
-Ming 17.03 Blue & Ultra-Blue
-Rado Tradition Captain Cook Mk. III Automatic
-Grand-Seiko Quartz 9F GMT (SBGN001, SBGN003, SBGN005)
-Habring Chrono-Felix Monopusher Chronograph

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Mark Playford says:

Loving the Ming and Grand Seiko are going stratospheric for me at the moment too. Love the way you are finding more and more interesting watches, some of which even I could afford!

Michael P. says:

Just when I think Nomos can make a better piece, they knock it out of the park again.

Truthfears Guilty says:

no watch is worth more than $500.

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

I would like to know when we will see Citizen's 0100 movement?

Johnny Guitare says:

The dimensions of these GS Seiko GMT's are almost exactly those of a Rolex Explorer II 16570, extremely wearable. I used to have similar design by Grand Seiko, with an automatic movement, the SBGM001. I do regret letting go of that watch. The level of finishing was fantastic.

Vortic Watch Company says:

That Habring Chrono is something I could get behind!

Your Viewer says:

Seiko needs to lower their GS quartz prices.. My 2012 tissot prc 200 quartz has 12 sec/year and it’s still keeping it until now.. The 2 seconds difference for that price is ridiculous..

PT111111 says:

I really like the Bauhaus design of the Nomos but I personally feel that it's lacking a dome crystal to soften the look.

Roy Gardiner says:

Yet more beautiful watches! I would like to own any of them but I guess the simplicity of the Nomos and Habring dials appeal more to me.

Greg Arends says:

Likings: Capt. Cook and SBGN's

Jack Purcell says:

I loved the Harbring 2, not so much Ming and Nomos. They remind me of dinner plates, too stark. I like the Nomos when they have more complications, then the faces are interesting. As always I enjoyed the video.

ajt222 says:

These watch manufacturers seem to pick the prices out of the air.

Denny Suaryanto says:

3000 pounds for a quartz watch… Nahh… 😒

Leigh Todd says:

The Harbing's produce unique watches made by hand and this chrono is no exception. Bravo!

wesayhowdyhere says:

Thanks Armand I really enjoyed your coverage of the Ming which I think is rather interesting not only as a watch but as an example of changing practices in the industry. I also love the GS GMT!

Willard Hooton says:

Grand Seiko👍

J Johnson says:

I love the Art Deco aesthetic of the Ming pieces. I wish they included a seconds hand though.

princeofpenangisland says:

Ming 👍🏻

Tony Hill says:

Nice selection. Most microbrands especially the plethora of quartz cheapo chronographs we are seeing of late leave me cold but those Ming watches are something very different. Admittedly more expensive but a quality product.

Artagain says:

Five seconds per year??!! Simply amazing.

Denis Deschamps says:

Ridiculous Nomos pricing strategy, as if a couple of mm of steel warranted a 15% price increase?

wernerjacq says:

Beautifull, these Nomos watches made for a century of Bauhaus…
I can call myself a lucky owner of a Ming 17.01. Love what they do designwise. Housestyle…

Dimitris Kekos says:

Why the GS with yellow line have a gold star under the gmt ??

Jim Begin says:

Good review of good watches, but teasing with the Reverso! Alright, it’s out of my price range – review it to make me drool😉.

Logan Smith says:

Wow that GrandSeiko with the GMT could be a contender to the Rolex Explorer2