Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser and Why DC Cancelled Comic Con and Swamp Thing

Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser, Why DC Cancelled Comic Con and Why Swamp Thing was Cancelled. Wonder Woman 1984 Footage and Robert Pattinson Batman ►
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Covering Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser, DC Movies Not doing a Comic Con 2019 Panel, Why DC Cancelled Swamp Thing, Robert Pattinson Batman Casting, The Batman Movie Trilogy and the Birds of Prey Movie Trailer. Lots of big stuff coming up this summer!

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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my new Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser video, Why DC Movies Cancelled their Comic Con Panel and why DC Cancelled the Swamp Thing tv show. Post all your reactions and theories in the comments!

Earl Jonathan Formacion says:

I was really looking forward to swamp thing tho. 🙁

sireg89 says:

What's the music playin in the beginning

Matt Sabin says:

So far swamp thing is amazing, Doom Patrol is so frickin rad. DC get your shit together. Please

Mars says:

Jack Whitehall is going to be pretty mad

Allen Wood says:

I really like the Swamp Thing show…wtf DC…y'all can eat a D

Arubaro333 says:

What if they are and they just messing with us? Comic con

Tommy X Lourdes says:

Why is she the best looking woman ever… My..

elizan crown says:

pegasus woman

Richard Clark says:

Can’t believe they cancelled swamp thing, reminds me of when they cancelled the Constantine TV show, had so much potential 😭

Leonardo Ramirez says:

Vain? Vanity? Love your stuff but you have the 80s confused with today.

red5llaw says:

…sigh! When I was growing up in the early 1960's DC were (and still are!) the old and stodgy, still mired in the late 1940's & 50's. MARVEL was THE HOT STUFF (and still is!!!)
The Only good things about about DC in my LIFETIME have been Heath Ledgers EPIC performance as the Joker. He actually succeeded in making the Batman actor, an also ran. Heath made that, the ONLY Batman movie out of ALL OF THEM, to be compelling, interesting and raised it up into the realms of High Art not a pulp mass produced comic movie. R.I.P. Heath Ledger.
The ONLY other thing that has given DC a shot from the Fountain of Youth is that beautiful young woman from Israel – Gal Gadot.
Gal has succeeded in giving DC a pause on the downward slide as her sheer Beauty of Spirit & Soul…oh and she is as HOT as Hell!!! If you fools at DC don't take the opportunity to clean house, get some decent writers and PAY GAL GADOT WHAT SHE IS WORTH. What would do to keep a Franchise like DC not only Alive but a good chance to get them back into the "Making Money Habit"!!!
That guy that plays aquaman is an okay start for the Ladies so I would keep him too. But EVERYBODY ELSE MUST GO!

Danger Guzman says:


Ava Johnson says:

I actually let out a gasp when you mentioned that Swamp Thing was cancelled. I love that show so far.

As a Canadian, I'm so disappointed about this DC streaming service. We can't get it here but were told that all the shows would be licensed to Netflix. This happened with Titans, but since it was only uploaded after its full run on DC, you either had to watch it on illegal streaming sites to see it real-time or wait (I did both because I wanted Netflix to know that I watched it and because I wanted to watch it again). Then Young Justice came out, which couldn't have made me happier after waiting years for it, and I was thoroughly impressed. But it never came to Netflix. Still waiting for Doom Patrol. And now Swamp Thing is cancelled.

If it's a money issue, open up the streaming site to other countries. On every review video for these shows that I've seen, the comments sections are full of entries from non-US fans who are begging for the streaming service to come to their countries. They're losing so much money from people who want to support these shows but are not able to do so. I, for one, would gladly pay for this service. I've loved all the shows so far. And I'm also a fan of the animated movies. It just sucks. DC doing things half-assed again.

Lex says:

I hear they got one of those newer SNL women 'comedians' to be in this film. You know the type of 'women' comedian who has to somehow remind people that she is a woman and that 'women are funny'…. even though she is not. 🙂

Chris PH says:

Oberyn's sigil was a Sun (with a spear through it)

Paulus Galvao says:

Wonder Woman: Ragnarok

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