Woman Loves To Drink Her Own Urine!

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jacksepticeye says:

Like this video before youtube demonetises it and I have to live on the streets!

Jacob Lawrence says:

And now balloons will never be the same

The Potato Lord says:

Jack: Water has no taste!

ASH_MAN _04 says:

that urine is just a little bit yellow

Thuy Shepherd says:

9:03 🤣😂

TonioSun357 Lil-T says:

Heyo big fan

White lion lover says:

your body is 75% water this b is 75% urine

Gus from recess says:

12:57 you’ll float too

It’s_Maggie Witmer says:

Lmao assoline

Richard Ashendale says:

Urine is not sterile. It DOES have a lower amount of bacteria than most of the water we drink. But that is not sterile.

The Potato Lord says:

Giorno Giovana in female form

Lastlasagna says:

I'm betting dude's wife is a blow-up doll.

The Milk Boi's 82 says:

That's some good anime😏

Mr. X-man says:

If julius watched it would he love it or would he destroy all of his balloons? :/
reply and see what you think?


Shanon is A TrAnsForMeR!!1!

TheListyRayne says:

I’m going to throw up! Keep the urine woman away from me! CONTAMINATED!!!

K.Nhiwatiwa says:

Well technically that lady has an infinite supply of water

carnage killer says:

Kerbal space program breaking pont expantion

wonderland ninja says:

Good God could u imagined what Carrie must fuckin smell like fucking NASTY 🤢😱

Squezz Siege says:

The gas drinker is just the female version of Rasputin

Broken Reality says:

7:13 Jack has so many cavities

AnyWhoAlly says:

I can't stand balloons 😂 I traumatized myself when I was younger by having one pop in my face. Now I can't stand to blow them up, touch them, etc.

I know it's silly, but eh! Could be worse. Could be drinking my own piss 🤢🤮

White lion lover says:

its called non-ficton

Arlyn Johnson says:

Yo I just now realized jack looks like and sounds like mike boyd

Warhawk 2004 says:

welcome to my strange addictions where you can get your daily dose of dumba***s. this weeks batch almost made cringe as much as that one guy, who is gay… for his car… His Car… CAR… C.A.R…

Nicholas Roth says:

hu…hu… Holy mother of god i had it on fu…fu… full volume…

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