Windows 10 – Beginners Guide [Tutorial]

This tutorial provides a detailed beginners guide to Windows 10. This covers the Windows 10 Start Menu, System Settings, Windows 10 Universal Apps, Taskbar, Cortana Digital Assistant, Task View (Multiple Desktops), File Explorer, Notification Area, Action Center, Show Desktop, and Snap Assist


Sujan Naharki says:

When i used to install windows 10 on pc through CD it always stops in 26% and gives error. Why is this happen?

Z BOT says:

windows 10 tutorial

Bill Callahan says:

Well paced but robotic. Nevertheless, thank you!

Paxwolf says:

Not sure what is more boring. Windows 10 or the JAG Tutorial. I kept falling asleep through the alleged "tutorial." This guy and Windows 10 were made for each other – boring, boring, boring!!!!

luke hannath says:

NT kernel for the win, the rest of it is an expensive joke.

luke hannath says:

Windows 10 is a massive fail

Otis Davis says:

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Aalekseynz says:

Omg ppl, stop complaining this is one of the top list instructions for beginners on Windows 10. Fair enough it’s not windows 7. This video for new users or for those who encounter windows 10 and don’t know where to begin with. Placing a dislike means you undervalue authors time trying to help. If you have windows 7(look for windows 7 basics) if you too good for it than move to advance guide.

Author made it very simple and logical. I have win 7, and bought new laptop with win 10, now I know what to start with. So I say “thank you”(and thumbs up for the video)

flowersthetic says:

I love how half all these comments are complaining about how confusing it is. When I first got it, it wasn't confusing at all in my opinion, it's honestly not that hard, no offense.

Guddu Sarma says:

How to make the father of Ball Point pen

Karen Moulder says:

Wow! All the negative comments…so not cool. He is showing how to use the program, he didn't make it. I teach Windows 10 and Microsoft Office and I find this video to be very helpful not only for beginners, but those moving from other Windows versions. Thank you!

Lisa Surles says:

I Love Windows 10

Lisa Surles says:

Excellent Video Tutorial. Thank you.

Skyy Stowe says:

Man I really want a Windows 10, even tho I have an iPhone SE and an IPad Mini. My iPad be acting slow that’s why I needa computer