Why Panerai is Massively Underrated!!! A review of their line.

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Panerai was super hot and now it is not. This brand has some excellent watches that deserve a second look. Join me for a brief overview of the Panerai watch line.

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Vadim Don says:

Pam 233 is my fav

Biggun8262 says:

Yes, I actually own the 1351 and the 662 and feel very fortunate to have both in my collection. Always loved Panerai but now more than ever. Thanks for educating others about all the great options still available today!
Great video!

G C says:

Breitling, Panerai and some of the others will be back. Real problem is all of these little watch companies starting up everywhere. There just assembling a watch and throwing a ETA movement in them. Selling them for under a grand. People think these watches are just like Panerai, Breitling, Omega and all the other staples that have been around forever. The Rolex bubble will eventually burst. Every jerkoff with a little money right now wants a steel sports Rolex. In a few years everyone will have one. Then it's Game over red rover. A $20,000 GMT master II will be back to 7 to 10 grand US. Better yet a real financial crisis like the one in 2008 happens and you will pick up Subs, Gmt's, for 2 to 3 grand

Frank Handy says:

I have always wanted the Pam 111. I think it’s beautiful

Iain Clarke says:

What about their GMT’’s?

Dmitri Smerdyakov Дмитрий Смердяков says:

they are over priced

Абилкасим Бердибеков says:

Базар жоқ

Scott Bott says:

1510? Are you sure?

Julian Takeshi Quayle says:

I still don't really feel the Panerai look to be honest, but i really do like how you have slowly come around after years to purchase/review and love them. It's refreshing to see honest growth and passion for watches

RP Jake says:

Nice vid!!

Having 13 PAMs, while I won’t go so far as to say that I’m a Panerista, it’s safe to say that I am passionate about them, lol

Well, everything except their Due Collection, which I believe is garbage, plan and simple.

One of the very first immutable facts that a business Mentor told me way back when was that one cannot hope to be all things to all people, and to attempt this is a recipe for failure because critical compromises will be made, and these compromises will only confuse the customer, ie., “wait, PAM makes 300m+ diving watches, with their precious metal pieces being 100m, but now you’re now you’re selling a THIRTY METER WR example, and you’re gonna charge me SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS for this piece of shit, WTF,” and when customers get confused, and the explanation that is given to them is pure bullshit, which it always is, as I used to work for a strategic consulting house that got paid obscene amounts of money to put names on that bullshit, they become frustrated, disenchanted and eventually left for other brands.

While some may wear their PAMs with a sports jacket, as I sometimes will wear my 684 with jacket/open collar shirt, and hell, some might even wear em with a suit, however in the customer’s mind Panerai has not, does not and will NEVER produce an “elegant” time piece. There is nothing wrong with this and I would argue that they do indeed make some ruggedly elegent pieces, as I believe that my ceramic and rose gold 684 would be such a piece, however in trying to capture a segment of the market that would never buy PAM, even if the won the “Elegant Watch of the Year,” they waste time, intellectual muscle and most critically in this day and age, money, chasing fuckin windmills!!

However PAM gave me many case studies for my grad biz students, with a few of my horoligicaly savvy students smiling when I would hand out the case, ripping the shit outa PAM as I walked back and forth in front of them, and one student, who had a 111, 320 & 690, would intentionally ask me the time so I could do a slight wrist roll of my 384 and give him the time??

All that aside, they make some amazing pieces and like almost every other house out there, ya just have to get the right piece at the right price.

Anyhoo, good stuff my Friend??!!

Continued Success?

Matt Mitchell says:

Now is not the time for Panerai.
They lost respect? They made a watch for diving that uses a snap caseback.

Watch Aficionado says:

I really love Panerai..soo happy that they are much cheaper in the secondary market now…can even get a reasonable discount on them brand new..

coffeeguy2000 says:

I wear my 673 more than anything else in my collection despite it being the least hot with collectors

Jurre is Online says:

Panerai is a love it or hate it brand. I am no lover. For the obvious reasons we all know about this brand.

Richard Bonanno says:

I was a fan before but these days the brand is kinda dead in my opinion.

Quentinho King says:

From an aesthetic perspective Panerai is definitely unique and fun. And given their prices on the secondary market, definitely worth a try. The only concern is whether or not these will be considered unfashionable in five years time.

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