What Makes Neutron Stars the Most Extreme Things in the Universe

What Makes Neutron Stars the Most Extreme Things in the Universe

What is a neutron star? What are neutron stars made of? Well, they might not be as popular as black holes, but it doesn’t make them any less enigmatic! Little is known about these super-dense remains of ancient stars. But one recent event may shed light on at least some of their mysteries!

When energy starts to leave the fading star, it transforms into a neutron star. Energy is leaving it in the form of neutrinos – particles. During a supernova explosion, the star emits almost 10 times more neutrinos than the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons in the Sun! No wonder such conditions give birth to something truly scary…

How regular stars transform into neutron stars 0:41
Small yet superheavy 2:13
What happens when two neutron stars collide 3:08
If there was life on a neutron star… 5:37
Why it’s so hard to locate neutron stars 6:49

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