Watch Winder Cabinet

Designed for a client that needed a storage cabinet for a variety of items, this cabinet features automated opening compartments on three sides and the top. The compartments are accessed via four buttons in the upper trim. Each button activates a different mechanical compartment that opens automatically. Inside one compartment is a set of Scatola Del Tempo watch winders for the clients watch collection. Each of the other compartments are divided into a variety of spaces for storing jewelry and other personal items.


daniel cox says:

00:17 Is ThAt A jOjO rEfReNcE

TobyGames says:

freakin davinci of wood

Inspector Steve says:

You are extremely talented. I hope I can buy puzzle furniture from you some day. Amazing stuff.

Cthulhu RootBeer says:

I've watched all of your videos now and I'm pretty sure you have a secret lair under your house that only opens after you find ten keys, beat the water temple, and get all three pieces of the Triforce.

jayrodathome says:

Here from @Chris Ramsayy you do fine work sir!

Gaffclant says:

I want one!

Buuuut I don’t think I could afford that!

k0kenny says:

i think you need to change the song for every video

BlackDragonWitheHawk says:

Is there a simple way to create a illusion of depht inside a drawer?
Or a book about it

BulmaChan says:

Omg this is incredible 😱❤️came from Chris channel

The wadler says:

Chris ramsay send me i am in love

John Hernandez says:

Here because of Chris Ramsay. Sub'd because of your amazing work.

FilmAcolyteReturns says:

Came over here from Chris Ramsay’s channel. Amazing work on the puzzle box!

Read crafter says:

Who came from Chris R.?

gaffy h says:

You need to make some build videos, show how these are made. Maybe start off with something small, so you don't reveal all the tricks of the trade?

TRPackz says:

The momentum of the opening compartments is a treat for the eyes. Stunning craftsmanship!

Justin Williams says:

I'm the lucky 3k sub lol nice

Brian Prusa says:


Glenn Dallas says:

Absolutely beautiful piece, and the mechanisms are flawless as always!

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