Watch SpaceX Launch NASA’s CRS-16 and have a failed landing attempt!

NASA is paying SpaceX to launch a Dragon on a resupply mission to the International Space Station. In February of 2016, NASA extended the CRS-1 contract with SpaceX to include 5 additional resupply missions. CRS 16 is the first of those five.

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Lewis Massie says:

39:21 Liftoff
41:53 MECO, Stage Separation and SES
46:04 Entry burn start
46:51 Booster begins spinning
48:20 Booster has made a "water landing" & SECO
49:22 Dragon separation
51:50 Solar array deploy

58:15 A ground angle of the landing by DasValdes
1:02:44 Elon's twitter "cutaway was a mistake"
1:04:45 Elon's twitter "grin fin hydraulic pump stalled"
1:10:49 Elon gives some details about the pump and what upgrades will likely take place

To any other launch provider, the booster hitting the ocean is pretty normal

T S says:

What song at the beginning??

Derwin Bell says:

When one pump stalls, they need to use the opposing grid fin to cancel the bad one out.

Chad Smith says:

UFO 43:03 left display

srstacy says:

At least they're discovering the weak links before landing people in the BFS.

PNathan says:

Perhaps instead of jettisoning the grid fin they can fold it back in like when it's taking off to reduce it's aerodynamic effect?

Juan Martin says:

10:40 "I'm gonna go ahead and just say 'When it lands'"

Sukacita Yeremia says:

Apparently, some SpaceX blazer was busy hiding their 30 sack when NASA came to check stuff out, instead of making sure the bloody hydraulic pump system works!

JK of course. I hope it gave you a good laugh!

Mr. Boomguy says:

I remember as a kid, I was kinda sad of not being able to see rocket lauches live in tv.
But now with SpaceX, and their live reports on Youtube, ON FRIEKIN YOUTUBE, I'm not gonna miss a launch, if I wanted to!

OELSteve says:

DUDE! I've asked this before – Please DO NOT put spoilers in your titles. For those of us who catch up on your live streams at a later date (i.e. this morning), its incredibly annoying that you put spoilers in there. Fine, do what you want with the cut version, but if we have the YouTube notifications for the live stream, its still accessible to us. Please!

Great video as always, but please don't put spoilers in your video titles. (At least not immediately)

nick loughren says:

There is an upside if nothing else we now know the block 5 can land with rcs and engines


Watching from Jacksonville

Geert Bosch says:

The fins opened very slowly. Usually they open quickly. Was that an early sign of hydraulic pump trouble? If that's the case, maybe better to leave fins in neutral position? Spin seems especially hard to control for engines as gimbaling the center engine doesn't counter z axis rotation. Why didn't I see the cold gas thrusters trying to mitigate?

TheHammer says:

"This is landing back on land" TD2018

Geert Bosch says:

It was not a grid fin getting stuck. None of the grid fins were moving. You'd expect three working fins to be able to cancel out any spin of a stuck fin.