Watch Repair Course Introduction Tutorials to learn watch repair By Mark Lovick

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Watch Repair Course Level 1:
Introducing the Watch Repair Course, a series of individual lessons and tutorials designed to help you develop an understanding of watch repair. This course is currently being developed and new lessons are being uploaded every Wednesday. The development is being funded by my wonderful and generous Patrons who pledge $10 or more per month, and as a reward my Patrons are able to view the lessons as they are being uploaded.

If you would like to view the course as it is being developed then kindly consider sponsoring my content by becoming a Patron.

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c1.0.1 Overview:
c1.1 Work Environment:
c1.1.1 Lighting:
c1.1.2 Workbench:
c1.1.3 Seating:
c1.2 Essential Tools:
c1.2.1 Watchmakers Screwdrivers:
c1.2.2 Watchmakers Tweezers:
c1.2.3 Optics:
c1.2.4 Dust Protection:
c1.2.5 Benzine Jar & De-Greasing Parts:
c1.2.6 Air Blower:
c1.2.7 Oilers:
c1.2.8 Oil Pots:
c1.2.9 Movement Holders:

Twitter: @watchrepairguy

Discuss watch repair issues and learn more at

Watches restored and repaired by
Watch repairs and services in the UK

Discuss watch repair issues and learn more at

Watches restored and repaired by
Watch repairs and services in the UK


Mark Greenberg says:

I am switching from clock repair to watches at 60 years of age. This is going to be a awesome journey. Thank you for taking the trouble to make the series.

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

I signed up for level 1&2. Looking forward to putting together my tool set and getting started.

Renax the Man says:

I have been watching your channel all day. I have always been facinated by everything mechanical, including watches. I love to take things apart to find out how they work, and if needed repair them. I actually often buy things that doesn't work, and take great pride in fixing them.
So naturally I have bought a few cheap Seiko 5's on ebay. They said they were in good working order, but you know, 3 watches for $50 is pushing it…
The 6309 just needed to be regulated, and I did it with just a leatherman and a stopwatch, and it has been running within 4-5 seconds a day since that. I was actually really pleased with getting that one good watch for $50, so the other two, (both 7009) was put in a drawer, one I could just get going for 4-5 minutes at a time, and the other was over a full hour off after a day… But after watching you make it look so simple with a movement enlarged over my 50" screen I got some inspiration and thought "I can do this, can't be that hard?" And then 20 minutes later with the oscillating assembly thingy in the tweezers thinking "this was a bad Idea, I'll never get this back together" But I just got on trying, and after about 40 minutes I had successfully swapped oscillating assembly from the non working watch over to the way to fast watch. a couple small adjustments after that it runs within 1 second in 2 hrs. good enough for a watch I had written off…
Theres no better feeling that the one you get by diving head first into a repair and succeeding. This won't be my last cheap used automatic off ebay..

Matthew Pahl says:

Thank You for this course! I just became a Patreon supporter!

I'll be looking on eBay for the proper tools.

Thank you !

Alfredo Amolador says:


David Cavallero says:

I would love a lesson on how to identify and install a different movement to a watch. Since there are many high quality watch cases and bracelets, with $10.00 movements, I believe there is a fair amount of interest in how to measure and adapt a different movement than that which originally came with the watch.

Richard Sherwin says:

Excellent. Now need to find lesson no 2

Şenol Acar says:

güzel bir saat ustası

C.H. Chan says:

Thanks Mark. Btw, are you open to accept service, of course I will pay for it.

Fillip Johnson says:

This is my absolute favorite channel on youtube and I can't tell you how much your work means to me. Thank you.

TheBudliner says:

Wow Mark! Awesom they knew you really loved the work, you must have been a great help, and just look at you now… Cool

Oscar Grant says:

This is awesome. Looking forward to informative stuff like this

SLASA says:

Hello Mark , can you tell us what watch do you usually wear ?

Csab says:

very cool story!! thanks for sharing!!!

Joshi Oyabun says:

could you service a Grand Seiko high beat or quartz?

David Dikun says:

Thanks Mark!

Paul S says:

I just found your channel and I love it, I binge watched the whole thing over the weekend, great stuff. I was wondering if you have ever built/modified a watch and could we see it? Thanks

simonwallace13 says:

BTW, please include as extensive as possible lessons or demonstrations on your excellent Favorite friction jeweler tool. It has so much to offer and there are so few references out there!

simonwallace13 says:

Fantastic job. Been following for a while and it never gets dull. Truly appreciate your efforts to show us how it's done.

olliemc88 says:

Fantastic videos, avid viewer. You are a master sir.

Dirk says:

It was really interesting to hear how you got started

Graham Lawton says:

Love the videos. Keep up the great work

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Thanks for uploading this. I have yet to delve deeper than a Seiko 5 dial.

Kibble Watches says:

Wonderful idea! I start working again very soon and have been interested in learning how to repair watches for a while, will sure be joining your patreon soon 🙂

Samuele Mattetti says:

Grandissima iniziativa non vedo l'ora di seguirla all'opera, Grazie e' un lavoro ed un oppprtunita unica per ogni appassionato.Complimenti sei un mito.

SnowmansApartment says:

im really interested in repairing watches. Never did it, but certainly want to learn it. But what i also find extremely interesting, is building a whole new watch from skratch. Will learning repairing watches bring me closer to that small dream to some day, far in the future build my own watch?:)

Stewart Craig says:

I have a big erection

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