Updates on my First TEN As Seen on TV Product Reviews

Here are quick updates on the first 10 As Seen on TV products I reviewed in late 2016.

Products discussed are below (with original review linked in parenthesis)
1. Handy Heater (https://youtu.be/WQO8vMqgLUQ)
2. Everbrite (https://youtu.be/8IWaVNi7pdY)
3 & 9. Hurricane Spin Scrubber & Turbo Scrub, discussed together (Hurricane: https://youtu.be/rLzrAWYezug and Turbo Scrub: https://youtu.be/H9zciTEehiY)
4. Flex-Ohh (https://youtu.be/wj_7JyxUJcQ)
5. Tac Light (https://youtu.be/ZFViT0PAx0I)
6. Star Shower Motion (https://youtu.be/nl60Gsnr76U)
7. Bacon Boss (https://youtu.be/XkBLULP_pG8)
8. 35 Below Socks (https://youtu.be/Ly4vI_C8XZk)
10. Atomic Beam Lantern (https://youtu.be/SDOnWj0ma34)

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Kim Beck says:

You are so good looking

Jill Springer Forrest says:

My hubby loves the 35° Below Socks. And he's more fanatical than you. Thanks for the link, gonna buy him another pair.

sherry a says:


TimoKa says:

Love the pup. I ask him to whisper in your ear to find a product that would allow me to have as fastastic a beard as yours.

Lidy Beff says:

Why does that little dog appear frightened of you ???????

Porcelain Dollface says:

Those scrubbers are a waste. Mix 1 part cider vinegar, 2 parts hot water and a squirt of dish soap. Wash your tub with a soft scrubbing cloth…it shines and no soap scum.

Peps Haven says:

Who is that beautiful dog at 4:32? So cute to sit on the back of the couch like that! I thought that was something that only cats did! I've never seen a dog do it!

J Polar says:

If the company is on 2 Bridges Road, Fairfield, New Jersey. Forget them. They sell junk and customer service SUCKS.

Nunnya Biz says:

my lord man have you got no friends to tell you how bad the dye job on your beard looks? honestly its laughable. Did you review the company that makes the dye?

johnny feathers says:

I’m happy with my motion lite, I have it on my front outside door and the light kicks on every time something gets close to the house.

Teresa Fuller says:

i cannot believe you were touching that hair covered scrubber. cringing, here

HeavyMetalNURSE says:

After watching your review, I kept in the back of my mind that I wanted to get the hurricane spin scrubber and if i ever saw it, i would buy it (without knowing the price range). So a few days after the review, i went into Walgreens which has an As Seen on TV aisle. I happened to spot the hurricane spin scrubber at the end cap of an aisle (as opposed to the actual aisle) and it was listed at $39.99. I thought ok too much for me. Turned the corner and spotted them on clearance for $19.99. WOO HOO!!! Thanks for your thorough review.

Robert Franks says:

I like you reviews I watched a lot of your videos and keep up the good work

Suzi K says:

I like your honesty. Thank you.

macforme says:

I returned the Bacon Boss as there was no way it was ever going to make crisp bacon. The glass that keeps the bacon flat also traps the steam, making the bacon soggy. Perhaps if they incorporated holes through out the cover for the steam to escape it just might work.

Mountaindew says:

How come the comments were disabled on the first video? The socks video