Unboxing BTS 방탄소년단 – LOVE YOURSELF: 結 Answer (S,E,L,F Versions)

Link to the vlog I keep referencing: https://youtu.be/TeCq–PCECU

An era ended today and I’m lowkey sad but also so proud of everything they’ve accomplished during this era!!

Purchased from: Target!

Contents: CD + Photobook + Notes + Membership Survey Card + Photocard (1 of 7, 28 total)

Track List:
01. Euphoria
02. Trivia 起: Just Dance
03. Serendipity (Full Length Edition)
04. DNA
05. 보조개
06. Trivia 承: Love
07. Her
08. Singularity
10. 전하지 못한 진심
11. Triivia 轉: Seesaw
12. Tear
13. Epiphany
14. I’m Fine
15. IDOL *Title
16. Answer: Love Myself


Album/ Photocard Trade/sale Spreadsheet:



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? = Shipped

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Mgirlpersonal says:

Hi friends! Just wanted to post a quick FAQ to answer some…well FAQs ?
– Where did you buy these?/How much did they cost?
Target! There's a vlog (https://youtu.be/TeCq–PCECU) of me struggling, they were $25.99 before tax!

– Are the posters for preorders?
To my understanding the International version comes with folded posters in the album (as seen in this unboxing). The Korean version does not come with a poster but if you bought the album on a music site with the poster it will come either folded or rolled separately. Its super nice that they made the posters available to everyone!!

– Why do you want to trade your cards? You should be happy with what you got.
I've been collecting BTS since debut, and since debut I've collected Seokjin's cards. It DOES NOT mean that I'm a solo stan and as you can see in the unboxing I'm very happy with the cards I pulled (they're all so cute how could I not be??), but as a collector I'd like to collect Jin's cards (hes one of my top male biases in kpop). And trading with someone means they can get their bias/cards they're missing from their collection as well! Its a win-win situation! If you dont like trading thats perfectly fine!! All 7 boys are amazing and just getting a card is exciting, but please dont be mad at me for wanting to trade.

– Why do some of your spines have the Tear logo?
Its a manufacturing error that I didnt even notice until I turned off the camera LOL

– Whats your favorite song???
I love ALL of the new songs but omg I'm Fine just makes me feel so many feelings. I'm also so happy to finally have Euphoria on an album!!

Anyways ily all and I hope this unboxing helped you make a decision on which version you want to buy!
– May

Lilly playz says:

Someone please tell ne where can i order mine please

berryme_ horizon says:

I preorder mine straight from Korea so I basically gotta wait for all mine for like 2 weeks

Brooke Is K-pop Trash says:

I don't get why you need to trade your photocards for your bias. All the members are good

zrcjin says:

I'M SO TORN. I ordered E version, but I also want S version! But I can only pick 1. I can also pick both, but that makes me want to get all, and I'll be broke huhu debating if I should exchange my version AHHHHHHHHHHH I also want F version. L is my least favorite, but then I also want it if I also buy F

fakearoha says:

People are desperate enough to steal photocards from albums? Ya know there's this new thing called trading that tons of people who aren't trying to ruin things for everyone is doing..

Guess they're trying to sell the extras off for cash. Hopefully Target will put something on the albums to prevent tampering.

chimmyy chouaaa says:

I want it ???

*EaT jIn AnD OpEn YoUr EyEs* *eyes* says:

Every time she got to the photo book I freaking died

RosieMin says:

At first i thought this album in my online shop was fake because i was like “wait bts still didnt release a new song” when i ask someone if it fake

Sorry about my spelling english is not my first word

Abbey says:

My sister ordered one for me for my birthday and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what I get!

alynaaao says:

Waiting for my albums to arrive, when you got Jungkook photo card I screamed ?


When you dont have target in your hometown and you really want to buy the albums but online and then you need to pay the shipping and then you need to wait for 3-4 weeks. I really save up money for the albums but I want an online shop that is free shipping and affordable price. ???

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