Types Of Fishing Lures Explained

Types Of Fishing Lures Explained

This video goes over the seven main categories of lures used for fishing.

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SavyLK CH says:

What is a rig?

hot shot says:

Dude your awesome. I didn’t know anything and I’m trying to get to know more about fishing and why everyone is saying all these weird terms. Thanks so much!

Miguel PlayzGamez says:

Thank u

Roscelle P. says:


Ghost 50 says:

Is this ladylizardgear???

Jad Hussein says:

This was very helpfull thank you

Cesar A says:

So basically you throw anything shiny with a hook on in & you’ll probably catch a fish…?

M D says:

Thanks for this! I am total beginner so appreciate your step by step instructions. Great videos.

Skullkid4723 says:

This is awesome thanks so much, im trying to learn more about fishing!

Cade Mathis says:

NEW SUBSCRIBER!!! 👍👍👍 Great videos/ very helpful!

ricky gentle says:

Helpful vid Thanks bought some lures & stuff here good prices. http://bit.ly/2CFU0ne

Tweak says:

Thanks man just started fishing freshwater really big help.

Chad Ford says:

What kind of scent do u use

Jenny Harte says:

You get a sub like

Edward Babkin says:

I lost my spinner bait to a pike yesterday

WashingTone says:

Good video

NOT Omar says:

I’m a begginer and this was very helpful! Thanks!

Unleqit • Zymeax says:

Nice video man

Hubert Farnsworth says:

I love soft plastics.

Joonyoung Choo says:

If anyone needs to learn to make some bait watch these videos https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRa7iD5RableCMIu5thU5qQ

brandton keracik says:

it’s not spinner it’s just rooster tail dude

Common Science says:

You used the word in "particular." I would think in a video explaining lures that it would be helpful to education all the different types of fish each lure can catch. In lakes and rivers there isn’t just bass right? So please specify all the fish that each lure is used for because I don’t know and the people watching this mostly don’t know as well. This is important because the packaging for most of these lures don’t specify which fish they are used for. And unfortunately most other video tutorials don’t specify very well either.

Richard Garcia says: