Two women fist-fighting on Massachusetts highway caught on camera

Good Morning Augusta


Galaxy says:

Bring back thanos

Acuridge 38 says:

Massachusetts has the worst white trashes and they all need to kill each other. That would cleanse this planet.

Conservative Hamster says:

why are these two white women, acting like black women here?

Lisa Salcedo says:

I would of headbutted he ass if she put her hands on me

MarineTrucker1371CE says:

Of course they interviewed a hot blonde lol

Glitter says:

Men grow a pair and put women back in the kitchen where they belong.

Bad Taste says:

The Black journalist is soo fucking professional. It's like he's putting on an act but I like it.

1951RKP says:

Stupid senseless shit !

Thee Real Jerry Driggs says:

You got to love road rage. You never know if someone will stab or shoot or beat the hell out of you just because "you cut them off" No civility, intelligence or consideration anymore on the roads.

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