Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Fail Compilation Dec 2017 | Best Funny Fails Videos – Life Awesome

Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Fail Compilation Dec 2017 | Best Funny Fails Videos by Life Awesome

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Amber Louise says:

Yeah that is so not funny maybe one of those people and kids might of hurt there back or broke there arm or leg so not cool I put thumb down not cool ??????

Jennyfaith Alloso says:

All of those was NOT funny…

Ramej Antonio says:

I completed the challenge on yh

SophieKnowsBest XXX says:

9:22 How Is that funny a person Is burning U want her or him to die

ρουλα γιολο says:

Το κομματι που εκεινος πηρε φωτια δεν μπορω να καταλαβω γιατι το βαλανε……Λυπαμαι καποιους ανθρωπους με τετοιον τροπο σκεψης….

MarcoAsensio 20 says:

Hhhhhhh 1:04 ????

Raen Puksa says:

Its not funny-_-

Kelley Johnson says:


xifaskia59 says:

So near death situations are funny ?

Wendy Henríquez says:

that not funny?

Daniel 12345 says:

0:21 I laughed so hard

My name is Baldi says:

6:21 head hurts.

استشه ورده says:


J Bell says:

9:29 I really want to know what happened after that. I hope that man is alright. I am genuinely worried about him. I'm sure he is not dead, as a fire like that doesn't kill people, but it is quite worrying.

Ross Jackson says:

Funny i say sad

Terry Baldwin says:

Awesome video s


Wat the fok

Noizy says:

9:28 that’s not Funny retard

John Lemon says:


Bethy on the box says:

This was not funny it was just sad because it was mainly people getting hurt!!!!!!

Kieffer Andrei Sauza says:

I dint laugh at all ?

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