Top 5 Swiss Army Knives

What are the best Swiss Army knives available? I give an overview of my top 5 Swiss Army knives by Victorinox and discuss their features and specs.


Tim Summers says:

The "best" Swiss Army Knife? Is the one that has the tool you need. Normally a Climber will do when indoors. Otherwise, I like the Farmer, Huntsman or any 111mm model for the outdoors. One can't go wrong with a Victorinox knife.

Craig R. H. Laurent says:

03 Aug 2019 – (1) You should have had all the blades and tools already out instead of fussing to get them open. (2) You should have written out each knife description instead of pausing to look at features and then guess. (3) Why didn't you consider reviewing what you recorded so that you could hear your hesitations and lack of clarity. I can't believe the number of YouTube presenters who just don't properly prepare, evaluate, review, and then video a cleaned up version. I gave your review a thumbs down because of what I mentioned.

Mike D says:

Good video. Worth calling out, there are other good options in the UK as well that are perfectly legal (although like any knife regardless of size the responsibility is on the owner to use it safely and with consideration for others). SAK are fantastic multi-tools, the best going in my humble opinion. If you need a blade specifically though then Spyderco make some great options for the UK market – options available with better steel which will hold a sharp edge much longer, better ergonomics when using the blade for cutting tasks (e.g. if you need to get through lots of boxes!) and also some options that are frankly more safe to use without losing a finger (but still not lock knives of course). None of them touch the SAK for versatility as a multi-tool of course.

William Oneill says:

By the way subd you just love Swiss army knives good video πŸ‘

Mr Kitter says:

What is the third one ?

SVtgr8 says:

why no champ?

Patrick Gambsky says:

Nice video πŸ›Έ

Милош Васић says:

I have Rescue Tool Victorinox and I want to sell it for 50 eur anywhere. It was that yellow knife proclaimed the best rescue knife and tool in 2007

Robaczysko says:

Ranger of course!

Montgomery Outdoors24 says:

Pruner anybody?


Just ordered the farmer AND the FIELD MASTER thanks to this video, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

miklospinter says:

The Pioneer is 93 mm long (you said 91) and has 2 layers (you said 3). But I guess you know that πŸ™‚
If you want to show the tools without breaking your nails: open the bottle opener first to the half stop, then the back spring is not under tension and you can easily open the can opener. If you half open the can opener, the cap lifter is very stiff to get out.
I like all of these, but I choose Alox over Cellidor almost every single day. Right now I have a Pioneer X in my pocket: a Pioneer + scissors. That's a great option as well.

I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:

The best Victorinox knife would be a compact with an extra layer that had saw or file and an awl.

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