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Check out the top 5 auditions from Britain’s Got Talent 2019!

Including brilliant performances by:

Flakefleet Primary School Choir
Kojo Anim
Dave and Finn
Colin Thackery
John Archer

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victory victory says:

Crying my eyes out at 3:00 am, love

Ashley Galyean says:

Are u crying? I'm crying

Allan Stewart says:

This is the same school where David Walliams went and gave them the first copy of the worlds worst teachers??

HellHell71 says:

That tiny "hi~" at the beginning oh gosh my heart ???

Gary Holt says:

Kujo was vert funny , I enjoyed him immensely

Mohan Gopi says:

Happy birthday Dec…??(25 September,2019) A person who won everyone…

Karolina says:

that part with dog made me cry so bad..

Michael Kahr says:

What I thought was he's so good and a teacher for so long that the judges felt the itch to buzz but didn't because a busy bee doesn't need to be helped by a boost. But I'm glad someone did.
This is also a hymn for all the busy bees that do not get buzzed. We need you and love you.

KÏwî says:

Imagine getting 5 gold on buzzer in a row and the janitors like

“I hate my life -_-

Daniyal Jamil says:

Idk just like this

TheFreakin Duo says:

The first act reminds me of The School of Rock

Robert Heinrich von Seyfenstern says:

that teacher is FANTASTIC! WOW

_.marriissaa says:

that teacher is amazing. it’s never about being good, it’s about having fun (even though they were very good for children that small)

Pookie0504kb says:

sometimes bringing joy to other people is the most underrated talent! … the reactions say it all

Qizr Syed Talal says:

I am allergic to golden confetti, every time they come out tears come from my eyes

iemz ralph says:

how spell whats kojo's dad said to him peerrddd perrddd. he got me lol

Ivan Penev says:

My favorite on these shows is when someone mixes two performances in one. Magic and comedy, that was great.

syrup and jax! says:

I cant even my head teacher doing that lol.

Alexander Wick says:

Can anyone tell me what the song was when they hit kojo's golden buzzer!

Mark G says:

3 judges and Howard the duck

Karmas A Butch says:

Cried like a bish before the old guy even started singing… still miss my Grandparents so bad everyday.

Asher Squire says:

Sub to pewdiepie

Ash HB says:

Gotta say seeing a papa sing for his wife made me lose it, what a sweet man I bet she was a sweet nana too.

Danny Keeley says:

the choir sucked tbh

The Dark Knight says:

Where's bars and melody audition

David Benjamin says:

John Archer…..wonderful

Raine beesley says:

i wish i had a teacher like that growing up

Linda Lee says:

Wow! What a blessing! How precious the elder gentleman is at 20:20. This is the first time I've heard him sing. He certainly gave new and fresh meaning to this old song by Bett Midler.

Christina Perruzza says:

Did anyone else cry their eyes out for this whole video or was that just me?

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