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Check out the DC Kids Top 10 Wonder Woman Moments from Justice League Action! Do you agree with our list? What is your favorite Wonder Woman moment?

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Miss. Kimberly Gray says:

Why do people like Wonder woman?

Mike Eustaquio says:

Beautiful and awesome 👏

Grazzy says:

Thought this was for kids

Jack Mcslay says:

This is supposedly targeted at kids and yet I find this the sexiest animated wonder woman yet

A cow says:

Wonder woman is stronger then a black hole. Huh.

XSavageV says:

Hopefulness gives them powers,that is the secret.

Andrei Manea says:

8:22 her shield is on the left arm and at 8:37 it moves to the right arm.

CC Shade says:

diana prince > carol danvers

Dariyon Hyche says:

You saw bobcats and ocelots

Fran Creeps says:

I love how this show manages to keep everything child-friendly but still manages to make their characters cool and somewhat like their comic counterparts…unlike some OTHER shows out there…lookin at you Teen Titans Go.

capitano moe says:

Does wonder woman have invulnerable skin ?

DonPacific Bobcat9er says:

3:47 Nice save Wonder Woman

Burnt Unicorn says:

I like everyones designs. So smooth and clean

Epic Rants says:

She must be infinitely strong if she can pull them out of the event horizon of a black hole

new nation says:

2:38 I love how Batman started to casually run for his life without anybody noticing 🤣🤣

NegaProtervo says:

13:05 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

vinohn says:

Deadshot has saved himself spilling his deepest shameful truth! 😂😂😂

Tiffany Downer says:

Wonder woman is a boss👙💪🙅💥✈

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