Top 10 This Is Us Moments That Made Us Ugly Cry

Top 10 This Is Us Moments That Made Us Ugly Cry // Subscribe:

You KNOW we wear our best waterproof mascara when we watch this show. For this list, we’re looking at the most devastating scenes the show has served up so far. We’ll be discussing major plot elements of the first two seasons of the show, so a spoiler warning is in effect. Our list includes Dr. K.’s Story, The Funeral, Kevin’s Breakdown, Kevin Runs to Randall, The Fire Montage, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 This Is Us Moments That Made Us Ugly Cry.

10. The Martial Arts Class
9. Dr. K.’s Story
8. Kate’s Miscarriage
7. The Funeral
6. Kevin’s Breakdown
5. Rebecca and Jack Losing the Third Baby
4. Kevin Runs to Randall
3, 2 & 1???

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Francois Smit says:

Don't you mean Top 10 'This is TRASH' Moments?

Tammy M.B. says:

bro i already cried on the first episode

Bethany Wallis says:

After number seven I just spent the video crying

CutZy McCall says:

Gerald McRainey is a great actor. The show has been accused of milking viewers for tears, but what's wrong with tears? In fact, people would be a lot healthier if they cried more.

Nandi Penxa says:

100% agree. All teary now 😭

Auro 82 says:

“You can stop”
“I won’t stop.”


Please stop that commentary in between, I need to cry. I already know what the scene is about.

SketchyCat !!! says:

I don’t even watch the show but I’m 😭😭😭

Wetheuntitled says:

What episode is the one where Kevin has the breakdown

Sabrina Plummer says:

I literally am almost done with the show.
I finished season 2 yesterday and it was soooo sad.
This whole show makes you wanna just have tears in your eyes.
Jack was a Hero!

Freddie Mercury says:

It should be “3 times This Is Us made us cry” then just list all the seasons.

Mac says:

So I’m crying watching this

Alyssa Tate says:

Justin Harley should of won award for his acting in the number one episode his breakdown made me cry

esther akinowa says:

Kevin's breakdown on the field💔

Fight me says:

I felt the need to comment this though Im not sure why, maybe because the community has been so great with everyone else's stories, maybe not but I think it's that.

Watching this show brought back the feelings I had when my own dad died through a lense I wasnt sure existed. Mine died of a massive heart attack 10 years ago, excluding the fire, two blocks from my then home and it was just as devastating watching it a second time but it was cathartic in a way? It will never be okay but it gets easier to cope and from a person with a massive anxiety disorder Im glad that this show is covering every base it can.

Sherri Unger says:

I can watch just the clip of Rebecca walking in jacks hospital room and I’m gone! It’s instant!

Doug Dallabrida says:

Jacks death was sad because we all knew. We would get to that eventially but its impossible not to get emotional

Doug Dallabrida says:

Jacks death. Kevin's breakdown. Familys reaction to jacks death and nicky almost shooting himself all did it for me

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