Top 10 Impressive B-Movies

Top 10 Impressive B-Movies

These B-movies are A-ok! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 impressive B-movies. For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable B-movies. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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Andrew Coates says:

The toxic avenger was legit amazing

Walter Levesque says:

Do u think plan 9 tried plans 1 through 8 first?

Renos Kous. says:

it maybe a stupid question but I dont know what (B) stands for movies!!!!

upfrontbear74 says:

Crippled Avengers in AMAZING, the fights are stunning, I wouldn’t class it as a B Movie though, one of my fave Hong Kong 70s chop socky flicks

Angela Disco says:

night of the living dead my mother saw that film when she was around twelve or thirteen she did not go see it in cinemas some of the kids encourged her teacher to see it with the howl class and they sat through all of it every last minute!!!

Todd Pullara says:

You bastards…why are you torturing me like this…Hail to the motherfucking king.

kevsabeaver says:

Story of Ricky is a classic

Jill Vallo says:

I think The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra should be on here

Philip Williams says:

Wait… wtf… you said you wouldn’t include satire b movies and then you stick one in first place!?!?… no i disagree with your list and now unsubscribing.

jws1272 says:

#4 also gave us the modern zombie mythos (eating of flesh, zombies not produced by voodoo, shambling walk), AND, in 2018, as it is its 50th Anniversary, was given a GREAT treatment by The Criterion Collection. It’s still one of the best atmospheric horror flicks out there……..RIP George!!!

(The brain-eating habit was introduced in Return Of The Living Dead in 1985.)

Dario Holton says:

The Bee Movie

Freebleepers says:

Piranha was directed by Joe Dante by the way as 1978 was a good year for horror with this one, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (one of my favorite good/bad movies ever) Halloween and I Spit on your grave a.k.a. Day of the Woman. Where the heck is Killer Klowns from outer space at? also one more thing… "YOU SEE! YOU SEE! YOUR STUPID MINDS! STUPID! STUPID!" GREATEST MOVIE LINE EVER!!!!

Completely Random Product Reviews says:

There was actually a toy line release along with the Toxic Avenger cartoon. I had a few of the action figures!

Daniel Langlois says:

that goddamn gong.

NtGm 889 says:


byron p says:

Oh, man! I have not seen Attack of the Crab Monsters in over 50 years and I still remember it 🙂 But it was a pale second to the funniest horror movie I saw as a kid and I have no idea why it is not on this list, let alone why it isn’t #1: Little Shop Of Horrors!!! Reputedly made because a Roger Corman film came in ahead of schedule and under budget (Corman was good at that) and someone dared him to make a film with what he had left, and he did.

Bella Salceies says:

Death Machine is the best!

Antietablissemangsmannen says:

WTF? Braindead is one of the best movies ever made.

A Darker Breed says:

Every year there’s a celebration of the Blob in Phoenixville, PA where some of the movie was filmed. The movie theater, The Colonial, is still standing and does a "run out" scene recreation each year.

Israel Salazar says:

Kung-Pow where is Kung-Pow

draven Nevermore says:

Cemetery man, chillerama and black sheep (zombie sheep)

K D says:

Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Night of the Creeps, Slither, Assault on Precent 13 (1976), Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and way too many more to count

Marcus Jacobsson says:

El Mariachi
Bad taste
Assault on Precinct 13
Mad Max

Jim M says:

I think you could have picked something better than Attack Of The Crab Monsters to represent Roger Corman (A Bucket Of Blood, Pit And The Pendulum…). Another that could have been here is Phantasm — I’m not sure if it is technically B-movie but it was really low budget.

froladee says:

I was such a sensitive kid. I cried for the Toxic Avenger when he was transformed lol

Bryan Tann says:

Hey why not do a second list of this? Add Killer Klowns from Outer Space to it! What about Ahhh Zombies?

Marco Derege says:

Isn’t mad max 1 a B-Movie? It was under 500000 $

Tommy Haynes says:

The Monolith Monsters is my favorite B movie

Brokenskull666 says:

How the fuck you gonna talk about Dead-Alive/Braindead and *NOT* talk the most ass-kicking member of the clergy to ever clear out a cemetery? Guy was like Bruce Leviticus, man. He was the sole redeeming aspect of organized religion. The Kung Fu Priest was my hero for a long fucking time.

Michael Cruz says:

Army of Darkness

odiegh says:

what about top secret????? chocolate mouse? you dropped your fake dog poo…what fake dog poo? classic!

Prence says:

I’ve never seen Plan 9, always wanted to see it but I can’t find it anywhere.

Quinn Reiswig says:

Honorable mention for The Gate and Ghoulies lol
So will the Toxic Avenger be in the next MCU Avengers film!?

Steve Lamorte says:

The thing with Two Heads

Micheal McCaul says:

Mars Attacks!

langbo9999 says:

Hail to the king.

Janet Chambers says:

army of darkness my favoite movie of all time

Jennifer Perkins says:

Army of Darkness is the BEST. Bruce Campbell is hysterical and so much fun to watch. And don’t mess around with his "boom stick"

Frankie Teardrop says:

What About "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"(1956)?

LOCA says:

Where’s Bait 3d of 2012, it’s so underrated, good shark movie

TeapotNinja says:

Parents outraged after taking their kids to a movie called "Night of the Living Dead." I’d love to know what they thought they were going to see…

Walter Levesque says:

Killer clowns from outer space

KT Bon says:

Student Bodies.

1996vivian says:

The Rocky Horror picture show should be in the top 5, at the very least!

PooBearJenkins says:

Maximum Overdrive!!

Curt Christensen says:

Can anyone name the movie where a guy is driving along the beach, meets someone who has a beachhouse, and after some talking, she has her dog chase him into the water for a while. He’s cold by the time he gets out, and she lets him rest in her home. He wakes up a few days later, and finds his job is over due to his absence, and returns to ask her what happened.


grimview says:

Claims its not going to use movie that intentionally parodies B-movie then end with admitting the number 1 movie on the list is a intentionally parody. What’s the point of having criteria if you can’t follow it?

Dead Pool says:

So Pissed Blood Drive was Cancelled and no Grindhouse Love

TheDigitalPillars says:

Basket Case should be #1. And what about The Stuff & C.H.U.D.? :p Most of the arent even Bmovies.. Just low budget horror.