Top 10 celebrity audition tapes

#Celebrity #audition tapes
What’s your favorite audition tape?
Angelina Jolie Selena Gomez Jennifer Aniston
Tom Hanks-Haley Joel Osment Scarlett Johansson
Jennifer Garner Rachel McAdams
Blake Lively Demi Lovato Steve Carell

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Best of media channel says:

Watch part 2 here:

Илья Петрович says:

Almost all of them overacting.

ohsnapiam59 says:

The fact that so many people were affected by Jolie's bit…that came from her soul. She had something the rest did not.

Vulcan says:

A few of these things are not like the others

Goodzone says:

How old is Angelina Jolie here?

Tomi Igo says:

Angelina wins.

Sarah AlS says:

Rachel Mcadamds wins

Sarah AlS says:

Rachel Mcadamds wins

seeker says:

Angelina's audition 😂😂

Annie Young says:

1:00 that ASMR is great

Pepe The Frog says:

Angelina’s gave me goosebumps

ShneorPlayz says:

angelina jolie about to laugh so hard 4:40

Super Sonico says:

Demi Lovato never had any talent how come she’s famous?

Aubrey says:

The first one was from Forrest Gump 😱❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rocco FX says:

OMG… all them selected because they are pretty… acting… maybe they crafted latter.