Top 10 Best Project Runway Designs EVER

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The best Project Runway designs made us all envious of the models. We’re discussing the best looks to grace the runway in the history of the show, whether due to incredible design work, a unique concept or exquisite execution. The designers definitely ‘made it work’ with these garments. MsMojo ranks the best Project Runway Designs. Which Project Runway design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Signaturefox 2013 says:

The Rainway should come back again

LaQuisha White says:

What about Leanne Marshall's EVERYTHING in the season 5 finale? Especially the wedding dress!

Rene Morgan says:

You missed the “test tube” gown

Jenna Gilmore says:

I love the rain dress and would buy it in a heartbeat, even if I could only wear it once

Tallulah Lawksley says:

How Christian wasn't #1, I have no idea. That ruffles dress was stunning and it's always the first dress I remember when I think about this show. #2 I would have had Sean Kelly's dress. Take away the lights and the #1 dress is not good.

Woshan Islami says:

During all the 9 ones I was thinking so what about Austin? He is my fav designer in the whole series👌🏻

Jose B says:

None of it.

Oliver Boyzo-Villasenor says:

The umbrella dress is somewhat reminiscent of a few pieces from Dior’s fall 2006 couture line

Tyler Tyler says:

One doesn't just simply make a TOP 10 PROJECT RUNWAY look list YOU have to *ucking categorize them as:
3. TOP 10 PR etc etc

* Marina * says:

I love project runway! Great choices!!

Fredlem Paaluhi says:

The umbrella dress was actually done back in 95 at FIDM graduation fashion show. The female designer even made it to where the umbrella pieces came off and hidden under it was the skirt.

YUMO *** says:

My personal favourite Project Runway designers are Dom Streater, Brandon Kee, Kentaro Kameyama, Mondo Guerra, Erin Robertson, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Michelle Lesniak. It is hard to objectively pick the best design when there are no criteria for best. It is like comparing channel and dolce & gabbana who doesn't even design for the same customer (meaning if you are into one you won't want the other in your closet)

bunni sin says:

chicken wire dress is cutting into the model lol

Amar says:

Does any one iris???

R Music says:

Great designs yes… Best ever, not too sure about that

TheMagicAround says:

Michelle&Stanley avant-garde dress is one of the best definitely

elle redoes says:

I can appreciate the video more with just the voice over thank you

Ranita Gadling says:

I'd rather just hear the voice without seeing the face only because I love the mystery of it 😊

kebs kebs says:

imagine GAGA in that umbrella dress🤤

talltomtroyny says:

I actually agree with this vid, although the seat belt coat has always been my favorite

Mona Kaneshiro says:

What about Kini Zamora's soccer ball dress – conventional materials challenge?

La Letraeme says:

I love your voice😍😍😍💯

Guido Torres says:

Ok but Naomi, Kim and Chichi would have won that paper card challenge

Emmy says:

What about Christopher Palu’s Rockettes look? It was perfect

cindy coss says:

I loved all but one of these dresses.
Austin's light dress is heinous.
The rest are totally awesome.

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