Timex Weekender 40mm (Oversize) review – 5 Reasons to buy, and 4 not to

Timex Weekender 40mm (Oversize) review. Difference between the 38mm, Chronograph and this watch.

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Matt M. says:

What size strap does the weekender use

Gordon W Miller says:

The dial on this watch looks white. Everywhere I look and ask though, people say it's cream. I want to purchase the white dial version you review.

nic bic says:

I'd just like to find an automatic counterpart of this watch

J says:

where did you get the brown strap from?

111danish111 says:

Nice jacket.

Mike Formato says:

I hate hate hate the popular (wall clock) sized fad in watches these days!

night stalker says:

Great review! I love timex. I wouldn't call them a great value though. It still feels like a cheap watch. It pains me to say this, but a great value is something along the lines of an Invicta pro diver. Sure, it has no classic aura, and has many haters, but for $50 more, its twice the watch. I love timex, but I would never call it a great value…to me, it feels like a $50 watch.

Labib Saud says:

Thank you for your honest and detailed review. It helped me alot in deciding whether to get this one or not but your #3 reason for not buying is one that's a deal breaker for me as I live in a humid climate plus the fact that I'm bound to abuse it.

Trex100 says:

the up and down of the background in the start was making me queazy. Love the weekender!

SoCal Watch Reviews says:

Great video! I couldn’t see myself rocking a Timex for whatever reason. However much respect to the brand and some of their designs.Love the playground shoots!!! “Revenge”

Roy Gregory says:

The trouble with the Weekender is . It has no day date. So how do you know it's the weekend.

awesome says:

Im gonna pick up one

Coach cleats says:

Love my weekender, use it as my work watch

Ross Wrist Watch Love says:

This is a great watch have to add it to the collection!

Chris Walls says:

They need to come out with a homage to the iconic John Cameron Swayze who for years in the early day of Television
promoted the watch and the catch phrase Takes a Licking and keeps on ticking.

J Hilton says:

Hello. Your videos have great production values. They look great. What camera are you using? Your high production values distinguish you from many other Youtubers.

sirri tanribilir says:

I suppose chrono version is not that lousy, is it?

SPG 565 says:

Big Timex fan. Speaking of "the brand" will you be reviewing the new American Made model called "American Documents"?

Watermelon Man says:

tik tik tik TIK TIK TIK TIK.

Stephen Zancheez says:

Should I get the blue one ,or the white

FallingTitan says:

whats lug to lug?

c4rius says:

Timex weekender or timex expedition?

Martin Bergli says:

What jacket are you wearing at 4:10? I really dig it. Anyways, great video

cebuanostud says:

#6 The type of battery this watch uses. 2016 Lithium battery from my experience lasted me at least 5 years and that's playing with the indiglo quite often.

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