Timbuktu (1959) Starring Victor Mature DVD Rip Oldies

Timbuktu (1959) Starring Victor Mature DVD Rip Oldies

In French Sudan, the Tuareg people are rebelling against the colonists. Col. Dufort (George Dolenz), ordered to take command of the French troops in Timbuktu, Mali, arrives with his wife, Natalie (Yvonne De Carlo), in tow. Dufort’s primary initiative is to see that a respected Tuareg religious leader makes it to the city for peace talks. When the holy man goes missing, Dufort hires American adventurer Mike Conway (Victor Mature) to track him down before the Tuareg uprising gets out of hand.Adventure movie with a twist.

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Brian Haskard says:

When I was a boy, if someone was being an idiot/acting childish he would be called Victor! Victor Mature = Childish. Today Victor is being like Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson) Pompous & Opinionated.

Lahcine Fatima says:

the Arabs are not the" savages" they are fighters for their freedom.Holy man can be my ancestor .They fight 20 years against French army.

Louis Griffin says:

Looks like the legion is using 1903 springfield rifles made in the USA not france.

modeste nomad says:

samson and delilah
different times
loved this guy
thanks for this wonderful adventure-movie

Mark Gray says:

Bumfukt(1959) Starring Victor Manuer.

Whaleshrimp says:

Good movie! Fell asleep part way through and had to watch the part I missed when I woke up.

Lahcine Fatima says:

French colonisation in Afrika.Tumbuktu is an old city in Mali.

john webster wallace says:

When explaining the sewing machines…
"When times are tough I whip up a few turbans for the Arabs"
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Isn’t Western humour just the best.

Sal Zamora says:

I never seen this movie but I enjoyed it very much I also enjoyed Victor Mature in those before my time he reminds me of Sylvester Stallone a little bit and leading actress I enjoyed watching her to she had to leave enroll in The Munsters Herman’s wife thank you for sharing

Hope Woods says:

I’m sure I watched this movie 50 years ago. I remember hearing about Timbuktu but thought it wasn’t a real place. Then about 35 years ago I learned it was real. Then 20 years ago I learned it was a center for Islamic scholars. When this movie was made the entire world thought differently. 38
years ago I visited Egypt and Morocco. A new learning adjustment. Now the world has started thinking differently again. We may not like the context of this movie but the only consistent issue is we must be flexible in how we think. Learning constantly
We are all human. To remember we are all human.

Dane Hart says:

IN FRENCH SUDAN ? ….. the city of …… so many things wrong . ARGGGG . in 2 grade i knew this is wrong .

buzz kirschner says:

well, after about 5 minutes of this slop i change my mind, this is a very good example of Hollywood junk of the worst order.

me not you says:

the Tuareg never lived in ‘Sudan’- more west and north. Hollywood doesn’t bother to get the facts straight

Myrna Groger says:

The spider scene and the final fight at the end were the best part of the movie.  Vic was his usual self and Yvonne was very seductive.(ls)

Giovanni Pincoletti says:

These are the films that asked us to feel bad for the oppressors who had colonized
small countries and exploited them for all they were worth. Hollywood had a warped
view of whom the actual heroes were. It certainly wasn’t the French Foreign Legion.
So many 40s and 50s movies were pure propaganda. But, what did we know, we always
ended up rooting for the wrong guys. It turns out that the guys wearing the white hats
were really the bad guys. Come to think of it, it is still the same today.

One additional note: Yvonne De Carlo was one hot woman.

Hal McAdams says:

George Dolenz, Micky (Monkees) Dolenz father!

Alok Misra says:

Watch the robe.i was six.

Some Rabbit says:

VM always wears that leather strap on his wrist in nearly every movie, what’s up with that?

Dave Greene says:

The negative opinions of Victor Matire are a majority – but only in this group.

Sal Zamora says:

My generation is almost over time for the 1 I hope they’ll be peace

willie otoole says:

Victor Mature was an unlikely film star with his permanent sour puss expression and limited range – "I’m a happy sour puss – I’m an unhappy sour puss" and occasionally "I’m a constipated sour puss."

He excelled in crummy movies like this load of cods wallop but if this is the sort of thing you like – strap in and prepare to have your cods walloped.

Richard Dominguez says:

not a bad movie, thanks for the upload

Johnny Draco says:

That is not the French Foreign Legion.
That is Trannywood "French Foreign Legion".