Three Reasons You Need to Use a Boar Bristle Brush

Three Reasons You Need to Use a Boar Bristle Brush

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Today Eric is talking about three different reasons you should be using a boar hair brush for your beard. Boar bristle brushes are quite the incredible product, it can be a bit of a tongue twister, but it’ll be worth saying based on everything it can do.

Comb v Brush:
Brush Beard Care:
Comb Review:

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Chad Mower says:

#4 – it feels REALLY good…

Valieth 1337 says:

How much beard wax do I use with a full beard alot alittle what is too much?

Media Relations says:

Question totally unrelated to the boar bristle brush. Does Beardbrand ever plan on selling their t-shirts like the one you are wearing that you had for CXCB on the web site?

LordNaja says:

Is it just me or does this guy kinda sound like Manny from Ice Age?😂

Catflap says:

Vegans can still use boar brushes, the boars are looked after very well. You can always contact the company and ask about their policies and where they source the boar hair from. A lot of companies will happily send you the info. My gf is a vegan and when I buy animal products I always email the company and so far I’ve always gotten the legal documents sent to me proving the animals are looked after. As long as you don’t buy products from dodgy companies wool and boar hair are very animal friendly.

seattle sfu seattle says:

I used that in the growing of my beard and it caused a wave that progressively got worse the more i used it. Now i use my wide tooth wood comb only and the wave is almost gone finaly. Wont make this mistake again

Luis Rocha says:

My beard is still very sparse but growing. Won’t a brush be unhelpful in my case? Won’t it damage and split the hairs?

Craig Fletcher says:

Great video brother!

What...the...funk! says:

I use a wood bristle brush. Works best for me. I also back comb it up then down. So it lays better. Also helps stimulate.

Scott Johnson says:

Could the vegans use the brush if the Boar committed suicide?

Divyraj S Rathore says:

are wood combs any good? i have been using kent for 3 years now but heard that plastic combs cause static and are bad for your beard.

turbo kiwi says:

Man your moustache is too sexy… Can you make a video on how stimulate moustache growth I need that lengthy…

Asam Mushtaq says:

Can it help straighten or if not, make a curly beard more presentable at least???

Mladen Jerkic says:

Dude!! I didn’t even knew you are growing you’re beard out again! It looks amazing!
Sry for my English! Greetings from Croatia!

David Wolf says:

Eric your beard looks darker

Zachary Schexnider says:

Hey Eric is this brush 100% boar bristle?

Kartar Bhogal says:

I use a brush with sisal/cactus hair. My hair is also very kinky/curly. Would me brushing it everyday help train my hair so it would ecentually become straighter? I just really hate how scruffy it looks currently.

Cody Johnson says:

Beard flakes… who’s got some milk?

sunil pandram says:

Thanks for sharing this information to us and your guidance about Beard….

Ismail Mehrban says:

Because I’m a Muslim I can’t use anything which is from boar or pig. What other alternatives are there other than boar bristle brush?

TonyTK1 says:

I just bought the beginners kit that includes a pocket comb. Are there any reasons to use a comb instead of a brush? Is the brush more useful after a few months of growth or is this brush superior to the comb in most situations?

vladu789 says:

Do you have those tshirts like the one you are wearing on sale? Or do you plan to?

Scott Johnson says:

Can the vegans use BBB if the Boar committed suicide?

Brandon Balanski says:

Would you recommend a comb or BB brush for general maintenance of your beard?

Martin Laird says:

Hey Eric your beard is looking fantastic at that length! it even looks darker brown! 😀 keep it up

Saurabh Kishore says:

Could I use a horsehair Brush? I remember my grandad used to use a shoe-brush made of horse hair for both his hair and facial hair. I am assuming it would still give me some the same benefits.

vinny142 says:

I don’t "need to use" anything, stop telling me what to do.

If you’re trying to give advice, then give advice, stop telling me that I’m doing things wrong or that you know what I should be doing. Call it "three advantages of using a boar-hair brush".

…and now let’s see how long it takes for you to come up with a video telling us that there’s nothing better than the new wood-pin brushes you added to your shop…

Damien Sanders says:

I am now a very proud owner of this beautiful brush!! Thanks guys 😁

Valieth 1337 says:

How hard do you brush the beard?

Daniel Deghi says:

Hey Eric…great vid today…thanks! I’ve gone back and forth whith comb and boars brush because I keep hearing conflicting opinions about using a brush. The primary one is that at a certain length it pulls out the beard hair. What’s your thoughts on that?

MyBegs says:

Hey Eric, Everytime i watch some new videos, your beard looks fuller and thicker, are you using minox or something???? I really want to know or if you are following some routine for your beard, Thanks

hoahioful d says:

so if i have patchy hair on the sides, brushing the patchy parts will help grow hair on that parts ?

Jan Richter says:

I am using my boar brush everyday and loving it… however. Almost every time I would find some lose facial hair in the brush, so it is encouraging me to think, that by doing so I am damaging my beard. Pls is this normal?

Fly'n Brian Chillman says:

vegans cant grow beards lol

Piana Cokehead says:

he cant even talk with that mustache in his mouth😂

Vinu David Livingston says:

Can it is used for short and patchy beard

oscar6380 says:

nice shirt man, would like to have one soon
cheers from Costa Rica!

Michael Lee says:

Does the brush pull the hair out since it’s finer?

Scott Johnson says:

Hello. Still watching. I turned my 30 day grow into a 60 day grow and now into a 90 day grow before I find a professional to shape and trim my beard. I made the rookie mistake early on of raising my neckline too high so I’ve lowered the neck and raised the cheek line so the barber has something to work with. I haven’t tried your products yet but will be ordering soon. So many to choose from. Thanks for the great videos. I’ve learned a lot.

The Bardock says:

How can you tell real from fake?

Reid says:

Poor vegans with their genetically inferior beards…

Lote Ozero says:

Hey Eric, I have an aloe vera shampoo and I was wondering if it would be good to use it on my beard. What do you think about that?

Damien Sanders says:

Love the channel, currently growing my beard and really enjoying the inspiration and motivation, cheers guys!

rock climbing33 says:

I l love mine, stimulates hair growth, takes care of any itch, and untangled gently..

Freddie Murry says:

Where can i get that shirt?

von Brunnenberg says:

Cool video!

Kevin Ceniceros says:

They work good for slicking back the sides as well, Beardbrand; it gives a classic look, too.

azri fathi says:

How mush should i brush my beard cauz i hear that you must brush only two times a day max and others say brush it in any moment of the day ?

Mr. schmit says:

Sick shirt!

Manzep Veg says:

Do you test your products on animals?
And I don’t mean animals with beards lol 😆