Thor vs Hela – First Fight Scene | Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

Thor vs Hela – First Fight Scene | Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP [4K ULTRA HD]

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Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Sam Neill, Benedict Cumberbatch


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Lady.ririchiyo says:

1:49 and you understand shit got real



Yudha Zacharias says:

I wonder if Dr. Strange felt her presence.

aiden an says:

But mjoer gets replaced with Stormbreaker

aiden an says:

R.I.P Mojer

Thor says:

;-; she was noobmaster69

Arthur Cunha says:

só eu só do brasileiro

Basia Bossinas says:

This movie was AMAZING

ArcticCatOnline says:

2:16 shows Loki's true character around an enemy stronger than himself and his brother. When Thanos attacked, Loki should have reacted like the Hulk but some reason Marvel made the Hulk and Loki's souls switch. Wait, What if the Hulk is Loki O_O Plot twist.

Paul Bean says:

Big sisters…

david noone says:

penis envy propaganda. learn to think like Hollywood Jews who program your women to be the insolent skanks they are

I N C O G N I TO says:

Need the Thor bridge scene other channels have low quality and low sound

Random Dude says:

God, she's so hot. Instant boner.

Hi Stranger says:

Hela shows up lookin hela fine

Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ says:

8000th like

Blitze 9666 says:

Thats hela thicc

Pew Die Pie says:

Hela amazing


I cried when I saw the mjolnir being destroyed😭😭😭

1000 Subscribers with no videos. says:

0:39 badass suit up

Steve Edwards says:

Cate Blanchett is hot
Hella hot!

The_Unnamed says:

I see alot of comments saying Thanos Vs Hela Im pretty sure Hela would completely murder Thanos

TheLifeOnHigh says:

Hela vs Captain Marvel:

Who is strongest? 😁

Ji Yong park says:


Avenger Fanclub says:

0.40 just kill men

The Thumb says:

Thanks to loki for giving us the whole Thor Ragnarok movie

Yasssin Kootbb says:

2:06 mjolnr has left the chat

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