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Check out the new This Is Us Season 3 Episode 18 Clip starring Mandy Moore! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Air Date: April 2, 2019
Starring: Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown
Network: NBC
Synopsis: Rebecca helps Kate and Toby care for baby Jack; Zoe and Kevin look after Tess and Annie; Randall and Beth consider how to move forward.

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Shaniya Scott says:

Why does everyone think they got divorced, my parents aren’t divorced just because they show up to things in separate cars maybe it was more convenient that way or she had to pick something up. And maybe he looks sad because his mother in law is DYING, Jesus. And I don’t think she’s dead considering he said he called his son and “they” are on their way probably meaning Kate and his son

sergio paez says:

Vean esta serie…si son fuertes pues es un impacto emocional tras otro. Bella y con tremendas actuaciones

R.B. says:

bruh randall walking into the room to see his mom, both as a child, and an old man ;_____; that shit got me emotional

R.B. says:

ok so considering their ages…. miguel has most like passed away by then, that's why he's not in the hospital room (gonna miss you buddy ;__; my fav side character). Another prediction: the kid we saw is kevin and madison's (kate's friend) child. ok so considering the

I'm very nervous for the upcoming season, wondering where kate is though, and toby/kate's marriage T.T
But I'm just so RELIEVED about beth and randall. They still hold the trophy for best couple.
Also, Nicky reconnecting with the fam?? The episodes about him actually made me cry the most,… so im happy to see that.

R.B. says:

Yknow it's amazing…… this show really does EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to throw you off. This whole freaking season, you see randall & beth fighting, arguing, not seeing eye to eye, and the flash forwards keep alluding to them being divorced…
meanwhile, the whole season: toby & kate are being cute, being new parents, taking care of their child, going back to college, just doing it all…… and BAM. LAST EPISODE: Kate & Toby could actually be the ones divorced. abhsdkskgh

rulelove1 says:

I really feel that the mother of kevin's son is madison lol

whyte peepo are descendants of satan says:

so kevin & kate both name their sons jack 🤔

Hibiscus Angel says:

Awwwww I love this show

Dannie K says:

Ah! I hope Jennifer Morrison is Kevin’s wife and that is their son! So excited she is joining This is Us!!!

jazmin numaco says:

where is migueeeeel

Anielly Araújo says:

Melhor série!!!!

Aleksandra Szeliga says:

I'm obviously looking forward to the next season cause I adore this show BUT I'd be satisfied if that was how it all ends. It would leave a lot for our imagination but I really do think that'd be the perfect ending. Or at least one of the possible perfect endings 😉

Asilva110 says:

Was this the last episode ever will their be more seasons.

lucasbuenos says:

Name of song?

sammmuel Spaul says:

I think they are all gathering together to euthanize Rebecca and end her suffering. Just a theory but it makes sense to me.

Francisca Viñals Parada says:

La serie más hermosa que veré en toda mi vida. Gracias por dejar tanto en nosotros This is us.
Gracias Jack and Rebecca Pearson.

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