THESE LEVELS ARE TORTURE | Super Mario Maker 2 #5

I love the speedruns in Super Mario Maker 2 but they will ruin me

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


TMH Plays says:

Jack I was watching some of your old vids and thought of an idea you should do a thing called memory Monday (or throwback Thursday). When every 2nd Monday u should play an old game like skate 3 or gta (a game you used to play back when the channel was just beginning or something like that). I think it would be a very good idea that you take into consideration

Rast Faraidun says:

Anyone else thinking this?
What happened to jack’s intro?


Well hello friendly friends

Yugi twenty-thirteen says:

"I'm not human I'm actually a bunch of worms in a skin" so like.. hunters from halo?

Blxnkfn says:

For your next q & a my question is what is key?

Shazmil Khan says:

What did the Irish man say when he was in the verge of death?(in Super Mario Maker)

Nemanja Cvorovic says:

God damn Jack wtf is wrong with you

Normg says:

Mushi in germen means pussy

Nobodyy wuz here says:

I clicc, and saw 420 dislikes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DJ JFST says:


Jude Dickinson says:

Yo jack please make another animated version of mario maker 2

Lelo L says:

Idk if he is tries to copypaste DashieXD, he is dumb as fuck, make himself look like idiot that can't even play mario games for views or he have some kind of ADHD and can't focus during platform games

Simon S. says:

7:10 was so painful to watch.

BRad Gamer says:

Jack NEEDS to play GTA 5 through the story mode

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