The Ultimate Bespoke Luxury – Watches From The Bovet Castle – A Tour & Interview With Pascal Raffy

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Today I share another look into my tour of watchmakers in Switzerland. In this episode, not only do we go behind the scenes at one of the most luxurious watchmakers in the world, but we also interview the owner and visionary behind the brand itself.

Bovet Fleurier is a truly unique brand that has a long heritage of making exquisitely decorated and elaborate timepieces. With Pascal Raffy’s inspirational and infectious passion, the brand now combines the style of its distinctive old world elegance with the most complex cutting edge watchmaking to create some of the world’s most awe inspiring timepieces.

Join us as we go behind the scenes to see the final stages of decoration with one of their renowned artisans. We’ll then witness the last stages of assembly of the Recital 20 Asterium and 19Thirty watches with its one of a kind Bovet Amadeo covetable system. Lastly, we’ll hear some wise words and insight from Pascal Raffy in our exclusive interview. Most astonishing of all, the majority of this work takes place in a castle that sits majestically in the beautiful Swiss countryside and was once owned by the Bovet family.

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John Franco says:

I will NEVER be able to afford a Bovet timepiece but it is still exciting and wonderful to hear the passion that Mr. Raffy has for the beautiful time pieces his watchmaking house creates. It is so pleasing to know that this type of craftsmanship still exists in this modern age. Thank you for this incredibly satisfying video TGV and thanks to Mr. Raffy for allowing us this glimpse.

AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive says:

Holy Mother of all watches :O

AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive says:

5:47 Intimidating is a rather fitting word. Gosh, I am speechless….and intimidated of course 🙂

Baby Dove says:

Art skills of Bovet touching skies, it's beyond imagination Bravo.

Commando Master says:

$500k for that WATCH! You could buy a house with that kind of money.

Doug M says:

Raffy is a tough, clever little dude and if you look at all the interviews he’s done on YouTube you’ll see he repeats his key messages over and over. That said, I have certainly set my heart on one of his pieces, the Recital 17 triple world time….check it out! They are worth every penny, especially if you compare to more commercial brands like Patel and AP.

BeyondWrittenWords says:

Jesus I couldn't have made that visit, I'm glad we have prestige enough representative to do the job, TGV, thanks!

arupian666 says:

Mate… this is like a PROPER video,,,, 'kin awesome mate, seriously !

o2xb says:

WOW!!!!!!!!! You've done it again TGV, Bovet just screams magical and old world beauty!!!!

Dmitriy Oleynik says:

Amazing video! "It's so difficuilt to do simple" – couldn't agree more with Mr. Raffy!

Mario Pierre says:

Watching this makes me feel poor. lol NO!!!!

Olof Hjalte says:

These watches are truly unbeliveble

Rob Bert says:

Mindblowing, inspiring . A fantastic documentary TGV.

Daniel Z. says:

I'd expect quite something from your Switzerland journey TGV, but I didn't expect BOVET! Always was amazed by them but seeing all the passion and tradition really boosts my appreciation of the brand. This is TRUE luxury! Mr. Raffy's talk was so mesmerizing and I was hit by his statements like you was in the video 😉

Keep up the great work & all the best from Germany!

Tim Schubardt says:

Great video. Their watches are amazing.:)

Joseph Spacone says:

After watching this, I have the sudden urge to chuck my Breitlings out the window.

solidsn2011 says:

You can sense Mr Raffy's passion in every word! A truly inspiring personality! Love these interviews Tristano! Keep them coming!

Anthony ANNIHILATOR P says:

This was a special episode TGV.

Thomas Williams says:

picture of Cape Town South Africa @3:11 😀

Dan Bel says:

Really great!
Thanks TGV.

Mark Playford says:

Absolutely fascinating what a pleasure. It does make me wonder though how many of the collectors actually wear the watches, for they are truly works of art. Begs the question 'when does a watch cease to be a watch?'… When your scared to wear it, in my opinion. Fantastic video amazing, you lucky… Thankyou so much.

hickorywhat says:

Love this video, and the Bovet brand. 39 people apparently were drunk when trying to click the thumbs up ?


What a set up!!! I'd love to work there… it would be a pleasure.. Loved Mr Raffys explanation & Feelings of quality watch making! This is why we love Horology…. he sums it up brilliantly!! Very Cool!!! Great Video.. BMJ ENGLAND

Jakub Kurzawa says:

Beautiful video. Thank you for sharing with us.

Paul Marahar says:

Review a Baltic watch please!!!

Vlad Jockovic says:

Excellent video!

Work hard play hard says:

I thought I'm not going to be interested in this video, but I ended up watching the whole thing. A unique experience for sure. I loved how Mr. Raffy spoke about his values.

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