The Truth – Nathan Philips / Covington Catholic Kids

I normally avoid these sort of topics, but after seeing all this footage and all the people trying to destroy these kids lives, I felt like I had to do something.

We all need to do better, stop with this mob mentality over the first thing we see. Remember there’s always two sides to a coin.


Terry S says:

Nathan Phillips is such a disgrace. Wow. What a lying sack of shit. And those black dudes with the hatred and evil. I commend the high school students and hope those natives go back to them and apologize for being scum of the earth.

Israel Gonzalez says:

The truth is that little punk should've not have been in the old guys face. That's disrespectful on its own.

Janscreatons says:

Nathan Phillips you are a disgrace to the world! You owe Nick Sandman an apology!!! Be a man and for once in your life do the RIGHT thing.

Jasmine Morgan says:

You guys are exaggerating.. he walked up into the OPEN SPACE AND STOPPED!!! The kids then started circling around HIM, dancing and coming closer…then started mocking him.. He wasn’t harassing them! Grow up people

bru ski says:

Get that dang drum out of his face. He probably lost hearing due to your harassment Nathan. I day sue Nathan he's trying to start a riot

Anne Khong says:

Just like you, I tend to avoid the topic like this but I have to speak up …The media went too far trying to harass and damage these boys…I can't trust anything the media show anymore …Shame on the celebrities, shame on the journalist, shame on all who just tell fake news and lies.

Wallaby Ted says:

Phillips and his group of rabble-rousers decided to team up with the Black Hebrew Savages to pick on a bunch of school boys who were waiting for a bus.
That is what happened. It is as simple as that.

kiwi the green cat says:

This native American is a disgraced to other Native Americans. Him lying and all. This isn't the first time he pulled this public stunt and was on the news. He lied about his military service ….he was in marine reserve as a basic electrician and refer repairman. He served all in usa states. He went awol several times and got busted for it and demoted to private and was discharged. He never served in any war nevermind vietnam.

icepl4net says:

Wonder how many people scalped by indians trough history…-

Prank ster says:

I think he was just enjoying the rhythmic drum beat

Wallaby Ted says:

I believe the boys moved away because they were told that their bus had arrived.

Prank ster says:

Haha idk what this was even about but if it's about the treatment of natives. Shit we taped and killed them for so long why would a u.s. citizen act any different

Jasmine Davis says:

I think this kid did know what he was doing he was standing up for his right he is pulling a Rosa parks and not moving

Joseph A. Correia III says:

Nathan Phillips is not a Vietnam veteran, although he is a Vietnam era Marine, he never served in Vietnam nor was he a recon ranger whatever that is, no such title in the Marine Corps. He was an electrician specializing in refrigerator repair. All his less than stellar service was stateside, he was discharged as a private after 4 years.

Johnnie Harnest says:

This guy has a dishonerable discharge for a w o l –and he never went to nam-hes's becou. Dinkey-dau !!

tanner francois says:

there is only good people and bad people. not white, black, or brown…

Jason Herr says:

MAGA! President Trump! The greatest president ever! Keep America Great!

Margaret M. Parker says:

This is still only a partial view of what really happened. The kid is not innocent. When Phillips put himself between the students and the Israelites he did not stop in from of a particular student. There was just a large group. That students came down the stairs and stood in from of the Native American. If you look at the video posted by the Israelites, you will see that same student early on approaching the Israelites. He left I guess because he did not have a large group. You also show the Israelite cursing but they were being evangelical for God. But everyone seemed to want to approach them, including some of the Native Americans, and debate with them about their way of thinking. But they never left the one spot they were in at the beginning.

Larry Louis says:

This whole, thing stinks of politics. The Black Israelites were running their mouths the whole, time yet the media and the fools that find this white kid upsetting, find the black behavior acceptable.

jg hudd says:

Isn't freedom wonderful!

Landon Jones says:

Liberal retard
U don’t no what ur talking ab

Lvskymar says:

Whoever was filming knew that they were going to create $$$ content as lesbian no as they directed the provocateurs towards their opposition. They didn’t get the intended altrication so they fabricated a story to put their actors in a political spotlight while ruining this kids reputation and branding him and his school a group of hate mongers and bullies. And by the way you can’t tell people to go back to where they came from because their already here.