The Talk – Tyra Banks Delivers Special Message to Lindsay Lohan: ‘There’s no ‘Life-Size’ without you

The Talk – Tyra Banks Delivers Special Message to Lindsay Lohan: ‘There’s no ‘Life-Size’ without you

Tyra Banks visits “The Talk” Friday to promote her new movie “Life-Size 2” and delivers a special message to former ‘Life-Size’ Lindsay Lohan and her family. “There’s some Lindsay in there sprinkled in a very special, sweet way,” says Banks. “Lindsay, there is no “Life-Size” without you. We did this movie together eighteen years ago and made it the cult classic that it is today. And when you sit down with your family, and Cody and Michael and Ali, I remember them when they were little kids and we shot together, just know that sister TyTy is sending all of you guys [kisses].”

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Chellyoo says:

God Eve is such a beautiful Human.

Kristin Travis says:

I miss Lindsey

*verne* Nicole* says:

I’m not watching that lame movie without Lindsay Lohan couldn’t pay me!

Celeny Rosales says:

She’s so sweet

Ariana Snider says:

Broooooo I’m so excited

C SHINDS says:

Tyra Banks still fine af!!! Life-Size 2 was awesome! I cried lol

Doll Jones says:

I love Tyra

suga walls says:

Dang why she look so gigantic!😳

Chris Addis says:

There’s no life size without you

goes ahead and makes a sequal anyway

Nina Everheart says:

I feel like the rap eve is a spitting image of Daniel bragoli

Dasani605 says:

Tyra is such a class act ❤❤

The_Glamest_FuckGirl says:

I thought that lady talking at the beginning was Laverne Cox at first. I wish Laverne had a talk show tbh

Umesh Vaghjiani says:

You WANT little girls to know you have hair like that but hate it so much you wear a wig every day? lol got it.

Amber May says:

That rap tho 🙄😒 seriously stop imitating Cardi B. I don’t hate Cardi’s music or even cardi’s sound but Jesus we don’t need more people sounding like whatever it is you want to call/describe that sound.

New film looks good though lol. Love the ANTM reference 😂

watertownnative says:

Not Life Size without Lindsay except she made another one without Lindsay. So she’s saying this one is crap too? And lol Lindsay had scheduling conflict? For her non existing career? No one wants to work w her!

Vanity Truth says:

Movie was a success. Several thumbs up.

Princess Bates says:

I Love Tyra ❤❤❤

Ana Garcia says:


SuperBlueRock K-POP's Top Ranking says:

She’s so bright, I love it ! 
She sounds like Rave Symone a little bit to me too.

Blanca Carr says:

I love those last comments in the video about Francia not having to cover up her scars ❤️ we love her more for the heroic, unselfish act she made for Selena. Y’all were amazing in this film. I enjoyed it so much from beginning to end. ❤️

ElysianFeilds93 says:


Steve Garcia says:

Inglewoooooooooooooooooood!!! Tyra banks and Becky G representnn.

Dante Ferrise says:


Anna Lexi says:

*_Now this is the Tyra I love 💗 I didn’t love 💕 talkshow host Tyra!! I love ❤️ model/actress Tyra!!_*

LinSooPretty says:

Y’all making him look soft 🤦🏾‍♀️

LinSooPretty says:

Lindsay couldn’t make it?! Yeah right!

pappysprite says:

Then why wear all the weaves and all the makeup all the time? She has the power and the platform to make a huge change in the industry, but chooses not to. Just because you take one selfie (which you probably retook a dozen times), doesn’t mean anything. You’re not showing young women they are beautiful the way they are when you wear the weaves almost 100% of the time out in public. Sorry, but this was yet another self-promotion act and nothing more.

Amarilis says:

I just watched the movie and I was missing Lindsay Lohan’s character, but I love that it brought back childhood memories for me. I was 7 yrs old when the first movie came out, thank you for making a part 2 Tyra 💕

Winter Clark says:

Why did they use that old photo of Miley lol they wrong

sonja mona says:

We must protect tyra

Bitter Sweet says:

Talk Shade Room Trya’s Face when she saw Sheryl and Sheryl’s question to Tyra Banks When She Finally Spoke "So how does your son feel about u playing a character you played 18 years ago??..
Then Trya talking her African kinky hair while wearing a weave as always then say exactly referring to Eve not being the only rapper named Eve then talk i had a job that u guys have now which is a talk show..keep in mind i don’t think Eve wasn’t feeling Trya’s Ego Since Trya spoke on her African Kinky Frizzy Beautiful hair putting where she came from out there The crowd started laughing at the First Picture Of Tryas Real Hair sideways She was alsso Bragging how she does where weaves and Wigs But That Was Years After She started Modeling..Now do u think Tryas lying.. Also everybody looks annoyed and pretending to care "Is there anything youd like to say to Lindsay" then Trya says where is the camera here??Somebody said well she watches this…Trya looks a bit over whelmed maybe its bcuz Such Phoney Talk Show hosts which is probably y she mentioned she already had her own show shes running this show and no one can say much about her there shes been everywhere done everything even singing "shake ya body" go check it out Tyra Banks #EverybodyLovesActing #Talented #Bravo

Melanie BEE says:

so y’all should’ve played the old version

American Ajumma says:

She’s a mother and she’s 45 years old and she looks THIS good!? What sorcery is this!?

Cayce Elizabeth says:

I freaking love tyra so much. So down to earth

Dylan Iacona says:

i just cant come to watch this show without julie

Dante Ferrise says:

WHERE HAVE I BEEN??!! EEEEEVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!!! And add in Tyra Banks prompting Life Size it’s like my childhood…sooo nostalgic

juliah silva says:

A Smiiiiiize ?

hannah Fontana says:

A bunch of whores

Isaiah the prophet of god Morales says:

And they couldn’t do it if it wasn’t for that one magnificent word that is known as Capitalism 🇱🇷🇱🇷

Sherry Brown says:

Tyra needs to go sit her phony ass down.

ElysianFeilds93 says:

I am rooting for you WE are all rooting for you how DARE you doubt yourself!!!!! 😂😂😂😂👌 loved that 😚

6 God says:

I hope Nicki Minaj doesn’t stop doing music and end up as a talk show host like Eve.

Maryam Hussain says:

Is that eve?!

Destiny Long says:

They Should’ve Waited for LINDSEY!!! Overall the movie was good but We Want Lindsey! They should have Waited after she finished filming the other movie 🙅🏾‍♀️😭😭

Miss Mallory says:

The rap was the worst thing about the movie. But life size is a classic forever

Winter Frost says:

I cried too when Eve went back!! 🙁

Mario Castillo says:

Eve is so out of place on this show. I know they are trying to be diverse but she would be better on The Real.

courtney worthington says:

Yasss Tyra is the best!!

TheRealCardoso says:


Scott Rogers says:

Eve is bored as hell on this program.