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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


WerdisYT says:

LOGAANN u fliping must buy a boat or BIGGER BOAD and take your dogs on it

Joaquin RubyYT says:

If I get sllaped by Logan Paul I would be afraid and lose may memory. And if im Logan paul I would reconcider to slap anyone

Marcus Hamilton says:

Wow logan is such a good actor.

Anthony Dlugosz says:

Logan he hits with his wrist not his palm

RamdomCrap Vids says:

Top documentary in 2019

Sub for no good reason H says:

I have hate you for so long but that was an amazing decision I may have change my mind

Gavin Garcia says:

Unsubscribed logan Paul has bad content(boring) every one needs to unsubscribe to logan Paul

Dimitri Hadzic says:

I disliked only because Logan was wearing James Charles on his short

Norris nuts fam Norris says:

Logan go check sideman on YouTube video

HaSnain khan says:

Fake slap that was not that much hard

Essam Abdulraouf says:

You did the right thing, and you should probably give the guy you slapped alot of money

Sir Slaysalot says:

20:53 you see this Dudes on the left his arm s bro like WTF

hell town 267 says:

Logan Paul ur such a dick u fuckihg punched him

MPTube says:

Logan you're white shoes is os cool man
the other people just watched and recoreded tem they didnt help the guy logan slapped…..
but Logan's eye is so cool
Logan where did youre abs go?

Jerardo Aguirre says:

Logan is not a fighter he’s a YouTuber

Luis carreira says:

The chicks that are in the house are soo fucking stupid for real , they laugh when the guy pass out and they dont give money to the homeless fucking gold diggers

brian nugent says:

Het a tic tock account

shotcallerfromaholler says:

Who's ass was that in the video

Candy UwU says:

I live in Russia 🇷🇺

The Doge gamer says:


Daddy Big Nose says:

feel sorry for the guy that got knocked out

Kunal Mahapatra says:

Don't do this, the more you release this, ksi won't want that smoke anymore 🤣

Peter Cabrera Maratita says:

8:52 gmfu fr😂

Club Man says:

12:50 how old does he look to you? no one is talking about how that guy goes around slapping h.s. kids for 2 bucks?

sipho gunde says:

15:08 IT'S MARKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

13Express Gaming says:

it's cool to some point, like yeah let's go and do that but just seeing you knocked out a dude like that,
you got to be conscious of your power and it's not just that you get hit but you hit one hard and maybe he suffers really bad after it

St Jimmy says:

Logan: “the slap that changed my life”
Guy that got slapped: am I a joke to you

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