The shack ” Motivational scene “.

This clip is taken from the christian film “The shack “
When mack is get through his own sadness, jesus hold him. Mack was fell into a depression due to his daughter deadth missy. So in this video our jesus is trying to expalin aboet the love. Hope u guys enjoy it. Here a conversation

Jesus: Wanna take a look?
Mack: okay
Jesus: watch this one
Mack: Incredible. I get that you are connected but i feel way more relaxed around you.
Jesus: thats probably because im human
Mack: but youre god too right?
Jesus: i am the best way anu human can relate to papa and sarayu. To see me is to see them.
Mack: you are also different. Elousia is not what i expected at all. And sarayu oh geez.
Jesus:(LAUGH) Sarayu is creativity, action,the breath of life. She is my spirit. ” love is meant to exist within a relationship” mack thats all we wanna have with you. Even you cannot see it. You are in center of our love and purposeAs beaitiful as all this is, its nothing compared to how we see you.
Mack: the last time i looked at stars like this, she(messy) was lying next to me.
Jesus: I know

So this is it.
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