The Shack – Meeting the Trinity scene


a Al says:

Jesus is not Black

Saps L says:

only one God the Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ

Lalo Ramirez says:

Está película es una blasfemia contra Dios, para empezar la trinidad es una doctrina pagana, Dios es Masculino, esta película es una ofensa grave hacia Dios. Que basura de película.

Sadye J says:

Holy Spirit, collecting our tears. This movie, here!!!!!

Dragon Fox says:

I love this Jesus he seems so cool, and the Holy Spirit being a female is very poetic, the symbolism of Jesus representing God's masculinity and the Holy Spirit God's Femininity is pretty iconic to me, God being a women represents the unconditional love she has for us, what's more unconditional then the love that comes from a mother.

Biblical Christianity says:

This is wrong and blasphemous. God is NOT a woman! This is false teaching and not biblical at all, people be VERY careful.

s h says:

This acting if foolishness to God. This is not right. No one can play The Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit. No man can make a movie script and answer for why God let anything happen to anyone because His ways are higher than our ways this is wrong and all the "Christian" artists who support this movie are wrong. Not to mention the lady who plays God the Father in this movie is the woman who plays a hooker in bad Santa. This is more than wrong!

Mason T says:

This movie does nothing to glorify God. Such human arrogance to think we are ever justified in questioning God, no matter what tragedy we experience. He’s the Creator, we are creatures. He’s the Potter, we are pots.

This movie is the product of ignoring God’s wrath, anger, and justice against insolent, rebellious pots. Christians would benefit to read Johnathan Edwards’ sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Once we understand who we are, then we can understand grace.

Sam Artist says:

Wow.. Can't believe some of the posts .. From supposedly Christian believers.. I hear you, Seen your scripture posts.. comments, I have been a student of the Bible for 38 years, You can pick this 'movie' apart.. However, The Father can speak through and however He wishes, It is a strong characterization that in my opinion is wonderful, How many has came to know God,Jesus, The Holy Spirit through this portrayal, Lighten up Bible beaters, Indeed some music is not 'good' But a lot of secular music is.. "She loves me Yeah Yeah Yeah.. " How is that one bad as Alistair Begg says.. I absolutely give, For what it worth, My 100% approval, God continue to bless people with this movie

Laura Avendaño says:

I love this movie 🎥 🍿
God has no gender that’s I know . Wonderful to see in this movie what I learned through years about we don’t have to judge,we have to forgive and love unconditionally .
Father , son and holly spirit great 💖

Divergent TARDIS says:

Despite the controversy of the feminine portrayal of the Father and the Holy Spirit in this scene, there's no doubt in my mind that God would really act like this in regard to someone.

Jerry C says:

Yeah, the one problem I had with this movie is the main characters lack of real anger. Yes there were a few moments where the anger is obvious, but a parent that has lost a child that way would not be that calm nor would that parent ever be satisfied with, "I was with her"

I suspect that such a parent would rage around the room destroying things as they went.

Angelica K says:

I feel like before people start going around declaring this movie blasphemous for portraying God the Father and the Holy Spirit as women, maybe they should research a little bit into what the actual Bible means. Yes, of course God is called by masculine terms in the Bible, but the Bible also says repeatedly that women were made in His image as well. Doesn't that tell you anything? God isn't have a gender like mankind does. He's GOD. To put Him into our terms is what's blasphemous, and this movie frees our understanding to go beyond what we've always been told about Him–which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's not trying to be on the same level as the Bible. It's just an imaginative way to reach our hearts and help us learn and understand better. I personally got so much perspective from this movie and it makes me sad that we're arguing about pointless things like God's gender! What a silly thing to argue about concerning the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

Richy of the West says:

Who's here because of Steven Anderson's sermon?

Rhonda Campbell says:

THE SHACK (2017)

Carlos Cardenas says:

I literally took deep breaths into tears when this was said " You have no idea how much I love you" only GOD can knock me back backsteping into a seat like that

Psalm Ninety-One says:

Portraying God as a woman is blasphemous.

Archie Melendrez says:

1ST GOD be the GLORY an the all knowing GOD manifested as a woman figure because he wouldn't  hear GOD from a male figure being abused as a child from his earthly dad an still being HIS HEAVENLY FATHER at the sane time!!!! So GOD BLESS everyone comments an have a very BLESSED NEW YEAR that's everyday to a new beginning that's never ending!!!!! An have a very BLESSED Dads an Moms Day an by GODS GRACE we are everyday not just one day a year  an to let GOD be GOD to be HIS example for HIS an our children children that HE entrusted to be HIS steward an the HEAVENLY PARENT thru the earthly parent from the same FATHER for there ETERNAL SALVATION  because when that's on lock there future is secured in JESUS NAME!!!!!

Polarheart45 says:

"We all collect things we value"

Brian Linville says:

Everyone on earth should see this, can you imagine? the lives it would change, people can argue about doctrine later, or ask questions later. It goes beyond just religion.
Watch it, believe me, you were looking for something the youth would like to change hearts? this' it ! Shows God is Love, and stop right there, just Love!

theblueman57 says:

The Trinity is a false teaching

Justin Williams says:

People need to understand that God is omnipotent, meaning He can do or become anything- including separating Himself into three persons (note in the Old Testament He refers to Himself in the plural and third person several times). Jesus is God, God is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, yet while being the same they are also in community with one another as individuals- as THE Individual.

This doesn't contradict the Bible at all, but is in fact a very good representation of the community found in the Trinity.

Braxton Oertwig says:

I am writing this to get my thoughts out of my mind, so someone knows what is going happen to me. It is said that one's actions have consequences in God's eye. But on the other hand when God makes a move towards changing someone life, like taking away out of the world the one person that was always an influence to the person God saw fit to make changes to has that person in dire depression to wanting to ending their life is this not something consequential on Gods part for taking that risk in changing that persons path. Because I have total faith in GOD I really do because he and Jesus whom did die on the cross for our sins that I accept him for doing so But since God saw fit to take my mother away from me 9-3-17 I have been in deep depression that I am never going to come out of it, and in two weeks time from this date I plan on taking my life; it will be the right time for me to do so; not because I want to offend GOD NOT AT ALL I want to relive this misery and pain of being separated from my mom so I can be happy again and possibly get GODS forgiveness as well I cant go on with what situation has been handed to me I did not ask for this. Anyway Mom I will be joining you soon in the after life that's the way it has to be.

Aragorn Stellar says:

The Oracle meets the 2010’s.

marskeins says:

Loved this scene in the movie. Along with when he tried to walk on the water without Jesus. Made you realize wouldn't thing be so much easier in life. If people walked with God instead of in front or behind him. Powerful movie!!