The Shack – Boat Scene


Sophie Plaza says:

“It’s not about religion or earning Gods forgiveness, or magic prayers or new behavior. It’s all about your heart, He’ll meet you where you are. Turn from your sin and trust in Christ as Lord. Jesus is the truth, the light, the way.”

-Casting Crowns “Love you with the truth.”

david mendoza says:

But its through the example that jesus gives on how he cant give up on anyone is what keeps me going but yet at the same time brings so much pain…

Justin Jackson says:

What was the black liquid? And why was one of Mac’s children under water

ELizabeth Akey says:

I just keep thinking of Jonbertne ramsey

c Xibby says:

When things get tough… I just love coming back to this scene so reassuring… As hard as it is it reminds me that God's faithfulness will not abandon me… And HE is not the mastermind behind the bad things we come across in life…<3

Eric Zombrow says:

This Guy played Jesus exactly like I expect Jesus to be.

Chaofun says:

What was the point in making this movie?

Brandon Bitsilli says:

this movie had me in tears from beginning to end, the scene that hit hard the most and should have opened EVERYONE'S eyes and have a change of perception was when he faced wisdom, oh my oh my, my tears fell so hard

Ricky Sandoval says:


GalaxyGaliot says:

Just when Mason thought his suffering was over.

Abs A says:

OMG so happy they have just this clip😱😱😱😱. My favorite scene in the movie. Watched this scene at least 10x. 2nd fave scene was when he decided to walk on water by himself and was told 'it's easier with Me'- so true. Another fave scene was with Lady Wisdom in the mountains, when he was told to choose one of his children and he said, 'i will take their place' that was heartbreaking…made me understand what Jesus did for us.

silentgamz123 says:

I found a banana under my arm pit oh yeah god and stuff

Skylight Sunshine says:

This is the best scene in the whole movie. I love this scene. 👍

RBAR says:

best line EVER! "Trust me. None of this can hurt you. Just keep your eyes on me" -Jesus

Carlos Cardenas says:

THE LORD said “ You’re imagining a future without me and that future doesn’t exist I promise to go with you ALWAYS RIGHT?” GOD IS SOO SOOO GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME I MEAN ALL THE TIME GOD IS SOO SOOO GOOD not gon lie it doesn’t feel good all the time but ultimately if I trust HIM through it all no matter what I have and don’t have EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT FOR MU GOOD AND HIS GLORY Romans 8:28 And we know that GOD causes ALL things to work together for good to those who love HIM for those who are called according to HIS PURPOSE. In YESHUA NAME AMEN AND AMEN AGAIN

Mhel Dred says:

Nothing is imposible because our Father is in ourside to help us to see the truth abaout anything😍😘😇