The Rolex Way | F@*#! You, We Don't Care

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Did Rolex recently change their company motto to F@*#! You, We Don’t Care? I’m starting to think so. They used to have a saying called “The Rolex Way”, which implied that there is only one way to make watches – The Rolex Way. It would seem to me that lately Rolex has lost its way.


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DLH says:

It’s true no more waiting lists, just registration of interest… which sounds like fancy name for waiting list. I think this is roundabout way of selling only to best customers rather than waiting in a queue.

Farshad Ghafourpour says:

It is very frustrating how the Rolex AD pick who they sell their desired products to. I suppose it’s their choice and we can either take it or ignore the brand and walk away. However as they seem to dominate all sporting sponsorship it is very hard to ignore the brand as they are always in our faces and make it even more desirable product to want. Hard to ignore the brand.

mrg1911 says:

You younger guys overthink this stuff….
This is a moment in time.
I have dealt with my current AD for 30 years, and a different one prior to that.
I get anything I want in short order….and could care less.
They know I don't phlipp, and really like certain models because I actually pass on MANY they offer me.
At the same time buying a less popular model because I simply like it.
If you can rally your entire generation into boycotting them, in 30 years they may feel it.
Right now, they're doing fine.
I've witnessed everything from Pet-Rocks to Poke-Man Cards…..just a moment in time….

Jame's Stuff says:

I see it differently. With the threat of smart watches in particular I believe they are smart in doing what they are doing. They are the only ones operating this way. They are the only ones who would dare to operate this way it seems as well. And quite frankly, I'm glad they are doing it. Otherwise they are not as exclusive. Just like you said look how many different Omegas are available. Somebody has to do what Rolex is doing to keep this thing alive. Good on them. My 2 cents.

Jose Garrido says:

The Rolex AD boutiques should put some pressure as well.. they are paying fees and rent and essentially have no custumers

Joey Ben says:

Go with Grand Seiko spring drive watches Rolex can’t come close to its accuracy my GS diver sbga231 is less than +1 sec a week fast

Seng Lee Koh says:

They realize their repeat customers for their top line models each year are concerned about each purchase's exclusiveness, or "rarity". Whereas common folk like us usually just come in once every few decades. I could be receive lots of hate with these next sentences (but say it anyway), in the end, it is just a watch. For me, I make a purchase by researching the underlying movement, and followed by the dial design that complements it, I do not care much for the brand.

Chris Devarenne says:

How did we let a company turn us into obedient sheep? I thought this was the age of the informed consumer.

120 Clicks says:

Oh yes and one more thing …get OFF social media . You will be allot happier. SM is for morons.

120 Clicks says:

Here’s the thing idiots. Those of you that bitch about Rolex and not being able to get a SS Rolex model are the same people who, if they were in readily and easy supply you would NOT be rushing to try and get them. Your purchasing desires are driven by your ego and need to have the latest “hot” model just to have the bragging rights. SS models no matter what model they maybe are not worth anything over 12 K. SS is NOT a luxuary watch material and no SS watch should be worth anything over 10-12k with the one caveat that it has crazy complications. For those of you that don’t know – Rolex is not exactly high horology.

Ashley Mitchell says:

Just buy one pre owned there’s millions if you cannot afford or are not prepared to over pay to get one sooner then you don’t really need it

jhudiel999 says:

Nice vid! In my opinion Rolex isn’t really playing games with its consumers per se it just so happen that a lot more people want the watches (economy is good) that’s why grey market dealers are the ones getting hands on them to sell at a premium. Rolex gets their income through the watches that AD’s order from them once they get their quota that’s it. If they increase supply to match demand it will cost them a lot for the whole operation while risking to devalue the current state of their watches. As a company it just doesn’t make any sense to do that. I do feel they will slowly increase production in the coming years which will lead to the “bubble” popping on all models in the grey market thus correcting the whole market on them. As soon as people stop paying premiums on watches is when you’ll see the models on display again because AD’s won’t sell them to dealers anymore. So people just need to be patient and like you said maybe this is their chance to get interested in other brands or other stuff. They are just watches in the end of the day hahah

Paul Thorpe Watch Dealer says:

Excellent video…

pilotstyle123 says:

I respect Thierry Stern making clear statements on the steel patek situation. At least I can understand and respect pateks position.

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