The Real Fruit Ninja – The Gong Show

An enthusiastic young boy incorporates fruit into his martial arts act.



Spectre2300 says:

I see this kid in an alley….IMMA RUN!!!

John Roy says:

Where's the clip of the 15 year old Magic Wizardist from August 2018 that sat on his own head and pulled things out of thin air?

Convention Expedition says:

Why is it when the kid makes a “HEE-YA!” sound it sounds like he’s having a orgasm (boner).

Becky Ann says:

I believe that this kid's got a bright future ahead of him, damn his act is truly incredible

Karl Marx says:

inhale AHHHH

Tae Kwon Dustin says:

Cool. Mason Bumba. Best act all season.

Shaggy Rogers says:

Taking got talents credit

raynarayskye says:

waste of time and food.

M&M says:

Love the sound effects 😂

Kesha Hamato says:

This act is so much better than singing monkey butts!

M. R. Newton says:

This guy was on America’s Got Talent

Mike Goodolds says:

Who is the babe with the great legs on the panel ?