The History of Seiko Watches | A Look at Their Most Iconic Watches (2019)

There might not be a watch brand with a greater reach than Seiko. I mean, what other brand offers reliable, $100 automatic watches and half million dollar tourbillons made of the most exotic materials and crafted using artisanal Japanese techniques that date back centuries? No one, no other brand does that. But how did they become so ubiquitous? Today, we’re taking a look at the history of Seiko.

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Rodrigo Gutierrez Reyes says:

Definitely talk about King Seiko, Grand Seiko. Hell, even Credor!

Paweł S. Kosiński says:

Many people complain about Orient logo, I don't mind it. But Seiko logo… oh boy, am I the only one hating it? As long as I appreciate Seiko watches I probably won't ever buy any due to awful logo.

teixas 77 says:

The best watchmaker of the world! Who control the gift of time? Richt or poor. . . All materials. . . Only SEIKO! ! !

jonbudi says:

Seiko tetap terbaik dan indah

jimclip says:

Teddy, great video, just found your channel and love it, great info and delivery! So what is the SARB-looking cream face model near the end with blue hands….is that a mod or production model?

Jeffrey Wood says:

such a great overview of Seiko, thank you Teddy 🙂

Maximilian Blacktooth says:

The luxury quartz line (Lord, King, and Grand) in the 70s would make for a great video.

ppetter123 says:

Great video- thank you! It would be nice to see the same presentation for Grand Seiko.

Bani Niba says:

Seiko has so many lines of dive watches. I would be interested to understand the history of those watches.

King says:

Can you make a video of solvil et Titus

Gordon W Miller says:

Awesome video! Love the history, it means so much with watches.

albert audelo says:

Could of sworn I was subscribed u caught me😂😂😂

Mirosław Irzyk says:

Teddy Im a watch maker I wanted to see your Video to see how did you do the research about Seiko… I will give you a B+ for the video 😉 good work..

A B says:

Great video Teddy! I found a Seikosha wall clock from the early 1900's similar to the one you posted at the beginning of the video at an estate sale yesterday.

Tony Goodman says:

I'm surprised you didn't mention the 6139-6xxx series of watches being the first automatic watch in space. Often referred to as the Pogue. Then there is the 701x series of movements that were the slimmest automatic chronographs in the world for around 17 years. One or two of the examples you chose were a bit pants. The 6139-6xxx with a repro dial and nearly all with refinished cases and non original bracelets. You buy a good example of a mechanical Seiko and it'll last you a lifetime.

John Wojcik says:

Awesome video, Teddy. Love your content.

mdn94an says:

Have you ever heard about "Lip" it's a French watchmaker who does mechanical and quartz watches at a pretty reasonable price with decent quality. If you could pic one of their watches I would like to have your opinion on the brand. Thanks for your amazing vids, wish you all the best.

Taesu says:

What is the watch at 13:18 ?

Sebastien Greiche says:

Great video Teddy ! Can you do the same kind of history video for King Seiko and Grand Seiko like you suggested ? That would be really awesome !

James Carter says:

You Kind of breezed over the creation of the Spring Drive movement which in my opinion is a complete game changer (like the Quartz movement) in the watch industry. What has been the Swiss’s answer for Spring Drive so far …. nothing

Ash-Habul Yamin Nur says:

Anybody know the reference number for the watch at 0:22?

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