The Flash Season 6 Teaser – Arrow Crisis On Infinite Earths Scenes Breakdown

The Flash Season 6 Teaser Trailer, Arrow Season 8 Crisis On Infinite Earths Scenes Explained. Reverse Flash and Batman Titans Season 2 reminder ►
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Covering The Flash Season 6 Teaser, Crisis On Infinite Earths Scenes and Post Credit Scenes. Arrow Season 8 Teaser, Oliver Queen Future, 2019 Crossover Schedule, Titans Season 2 Batman, Superboy and other major characters and Swamp Thing Non-Spoilery Review coming soon too!

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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my The Flash Season 6 Arrow Crisis on Infinite Earths Teaser video and all those Crisis Post Credit Scenes. Post all your theories in the comments! Non-Spoilery Swamp Thing Episode 1 Review coming this week too and more Marvel Avengers!

Jeff Deyoung says:

I think that red daughter from Supergirl last season will be back and she will be the one who will get killed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths episodes not Supergirl herself.

eeyvrcs says:

Arrow: will you help me save them?
Monitor: no but I will help you by giving you the means to save them

caitlyn beswick says:

Oliver queen will never fail his city never

Gracekim1 says:

Wait when did that scene with Oliver, Falicity and Monitor happen?!😱

K002 says:

Did you mean that there will be 5 episodes before Christmas break and 5 after the break, so 10 episodes in total?

Or you meant that some of the 5 episodes will air before break and the remaining episodes after break?

Dustin Bradford says:

I guess I’m one of the few who watch all the DC shows… Jesus I can’t wait to see how this all plays out with Crisis and how they wrap up Arrow and the year/date change from the future news article. Thanks Charlie, you rock 🤘🏼

Fuzzy Psychology says:

Let us have a moment of silence for the badassary that the reverse flash provides for us.

Let us continue with a moment of silence for the amazing music scores in every season of the flash ❤️👅

No seriously, as the world’s greatest reverse flash fan, season 5 gave me so much thrill.

I can not wait to see him in season 6

Jaxon Perkins says:

I’ve watched all but supergirl

nicoandthelegends says:

finally, the reverse flash is back!!

TapRo says:

So can we skip the crossover episodes and just continue after that in flash will we understand anything

Marshall Williams says:

They should just cancel batwoman before it airs, it will be worse than the Legends.

Talk Time With Matt and Derik says:

I am a fan of all 6 shows including Black Lighting which I heard is crossing over with the Arrowverse!

Ma’ayan Praiss says:

I’m pretty sure black lightning will be coming for it

Cryonic Night says:


Arielonsight says:

dang, since season 1 that newspaper been there the whole time

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