The Flash Season 6 FIRST LOOK Leaked! NEW Flash Suit & *SPOILER* Returns?

The Flash Season 6 FIRST LOOK Leaked! NEW Flash Suit & *SPOILER* Returns? The Flash Season 6, The Flash Season 6 Trailer, The Flash Season 6 Promo, The Flash Season 5 Finale, Godspeed, Red Death.


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Lemarque Melancon says:

Vibe better come back

Lemarque Melancon says:

Yes that looks so much better

Dearhking89766 _gaming says:

The chinstap looks so frikin good

Jeff Deyoung says:

We just lost the CW from our Television lineup. Need help getting the station back.

FBI says:

Idk why your videos have to be 10-11 minutes Long just get to the point show the suit show the leaks then end the video I have to skip threw most of the blah blah blah talking to get to the juicy shit lmao

Robert Doughty says:

Do you think Thawn will keep wells face season 6 ?

Arkzy-Jorge says:

Im almost done , im bout to watch season 5 episode 1

Camera Action!! The Future Is Ours 🎥🔱 says:


Saucey 2k says:

i hope they make this season good unlike season 5

bosquevilleBK says:

I like that you saw who was copying your picture lol. Excited about the new season!

Andrew McLeod says:

Yo pagey there is a metahuman in the comics called void

Spyder says:

Please don't click bait me next time.

Recon R and D says:

I’m calling it right now
In season 6 there will be an episode where Trickster breaks out of prison.

aero says:

Pls have chin strap

Jack Games says:

That’s good, because if they make the suit a bit like the season 5 suit with chin strap and more Comic accurate will be awesome.

Zack The Snack says:

Grant has said the same fucking thing for almost half a year, so yeah I'm a bit skeptical.

Zack The Snack says:

If Cecile has as big of a role as she's had the past two seasons in the first few episodes, I'm done with this shit.

Tzvika Ostrovitzki says:

I didn't really watch s5 all because of the suit…

Chris Flynn says:

So Cisco is back? Damn I thought we finally got rid of him.

quamoney 22 says:

The season 5 suit is ugly in my opinion

john norwood says:


BIG DC NEWS released

WarnerMedia confirms new streaming service entitled as "HBO MAX"

— > WILL < –

include DC Internet streaming service content as shown in its official promotion trailer.

While the individual streaming service WILL continue this year. In fact as previously stated, DC IS ACTIVELY promoting the service as part of its San Diego Comic Con presence and has pledged that the service WILL continue NEW ONE FULL YEAR subscriptions ARE DEFINITELY CONTINUING at Comic Con as they feature the full slate of DC Universe shows as well as the upcoming ones

And maybe a surprise or two ;D

There is little doubt that if the FULL range of content from DC is available at WarnerMedia strwaming service, no one will pay for DC Internet service SEPARATELY if the SAME CONTENT is available from parent company AT THE SAME TIME.

Presently Warner Media has NOT said if there will be complete "merge and replace"

OR if the individual studios will have first run exclusive broadcast rights (WarnerMedia will have to wait MONTHS or longer to broadcast same content on their stream).

For now though WarnerMedia IS saying they will be a one stop shop (eventually) to compete with Amazon, Netflix and others.

Will keep you all updated when allowed.

Damjan Milojevic says:

CW, please fix depressed Cisco. Who in the name of f*** doesn't want powers?

xd Beast2240 Beast says:

When will it be out


Is 7:06 the season 6 suit? If it's not I just got clickbaited.

Money says:

Really hope Cisco is back to his season 1 role and it’s not as serious of a season this time

LoganDoesStuff says:

I’ll save you sometime there is no actual first look yet

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