The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 and Crossover Teaser Easter Eggs

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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 video and a new Crossover Promo! Post all your theories in the comments and let me know how many easter eggs you spotted! Posting a Winter Soldier Avengers TV Show video tomorrow and new Flash Trailer!

Deep_Life says:

What’s going on with this show? Is all about daughter and mother drama. Please it’s so boring and annoying

Jonathan Sackson says:

Do you not do Arrow videos anymore????

Kaptein Kapsel says:

I'm sure it's Thawne from the future, he's always planning something!

Martina Tot says:

Hey Charlie, do you think the writers created the meta tech thing as a way to maybe introduce blue beatle in the future?

ActionDoodler says:

The flash is the best

grokusama says:

o yea i heard the news that 'papa joe' is stepping out of the show for a while because of back pains..thats probably why he is always sitting down on this season.

Xbox Simmer says:

Maybe it’s supergirl who tells her that she has powers and since in crisis on Infinite earths all the multiverse come together that’s means when Barry dies Kara well probably is Nora’s godmother

Kiko 33.3 says:

Her costume looks lame 😒

Esther Rogers says:

Before I watch this. 1. I hope you explain the whole flash going backwards thing and Nora catching him. 2. Annoying they didn't say the reason Iris did what she did to Nora in the future cause it's so obvious she was protecting her to stop happening to Nora what happens to Barry in the future.

MrTrujill00 says:

I think her powers were suppress due to sacada going around killing metta humans, and since sacada was never captured, my guess is he’s still in the future probably trying to kill reverse flash, so reverse flash sends Nora to the past to find away to take down sacada to change history and make reverse flash the fearsome villain again.

Soren Balfire says:

I think its eobard thawn for these reasons

1.Nora has tech to mask as negative speedforce

2.Sherloque guesses eddie thawne tat on iris

3.When barry teaches nora how to phase its eobard speech

4.Her tech seems similar to eobard suit back in season 1

5.Someone who knows about nora speed to get her to manipulate the past to create a different future is up eobard alley since he did that in the beginning but this time he is using a different person

But here is another thing if nora is changing thing why hasnt the black flash appeared even if its small stuff shouldnt the black flash be
Chasing her?

Mr.screwy Gaming says:

I really dont get how they just show Nora's ability out of nowhere and just forget aboyt it like hopefully she teaches barry how to do that or something when barry actually asks her about it cause he pretends like it never happened

tonefresh says:

For Nora to be a CSI, she's pretty dunce and immature. With all the evidence about the news headlines and the times she still didn't even slightly turn on the light bulb in her head, and With what's happened so far in Season 5 I'd say Iris probably dampened her powers due to either a Meta hating future or Cicada. I'm leaning more towards Cicada based off of her saying that no one was ever able to catch him and Iris being scared for Nora's life…

iTim says:

I was confused, I thought Spin was another version of Kilgore or something.

will crosby says:

My favorite part
Iris Barry shes flirting with our daughter
Barry what
Iris I'm going to go in hold down the fort
Barry huh uhh oh..

Baka - Chan says:

I thought Nora was easily fooled because she had the hots for spin. Did I misread some singles or something?

Kevo The Goat says:

So nobody picked up on the fact that nora had a crush on Spin

Hana Haque says:

How old is Nora supposed to be?? She behaves so bizarrely

ben dover says:

Are the tech meta powers gonna be based on the powers of the bus metas cuz the phone was basically killgore from last season it even started to glow purple

BRYAN says:

Why is joe always sitting down

CamW 25productions says:

It definitely Reverse Flash telling Nora in the future.

Cellso Sanchez says:

Where was Cisco?

John Ellis III says:

The writing on both shows is much much better this season! Also the acting is great so far.

Clasick3124 says:

I figured it out cicada's bolt blade was a piece of shrapnel from the satellite and is meta tech that's why he was surprised he could crush the pole like that it struck him in the shoulder and his powers are starting to manifest

overload626 gaming says:

i think it was catlin in the future that told xs about her powers and thats the reason she wears her neck band

Fope Adedeji says:

since when does nora have the power to reverse time?

Italo Campoli says:

I think Iris did dampen XS to prevent other speedsters finding out about her and probably kill her, or to protect the timeline since Iris knew that she could damage the timeline eventually