The Dangers Of Watch Winders – How To Buy & Use Them Properly – GIAJ#4

In today’s episode of Gentry In a Jiffy, I talk about watch winders. Why do watchmakers hate them? What are the dangers? Which winders should you refrain from buying, and how do you use them properly to avoid damaging your watches?

I also share my opinion on why WOLF winders are the best on the market. Before you consider putting your watches on a winder or risk wasting money on the wrong one, watch this video today!

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John Thomas says:

Rolex Explorer "My grail watch."

Dale Press says:

My mother has tremors because of the medication she takes. She also wears 15 of my watches at all times.

Teh_ Major says:

Watch Winder? That's what my wrist is for!

clemi schmutzi says:

Dear TUG, why is this Wolf Roadster that cheap? Not fake, and looks like the same as the actual model on their website? But about 200€ more…ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=wolf+457156&qid=1559563634&s=gateway&sr=8-1

jimmy sanjana says:

Hi Guv, how many turns per day ( TPD ) should one give to a Rolex Sub, Milgauss and day date on a watch winder ?

Dżej Wi - Cum Grano Salis says:

Automatic watch should stop and rest?

Grimshaw Grummage says:

Waste of electricity, winders are expensive, winders wear down with use, watches wear down with use. All to keep your watch running? No thanks

It’s MarkRH says:

I couldn’t store my watches in a bank. Hell no

Terence Hui says:

So really how often should we put watches in the watch winders ? Yes, I do understand that occasionally we should still take them off the winders and give them some wrist time. At other times, when we don't wear them often, shouldn't we be putting them in the watch winders ? On the issue of over-winding a watch, isn't there a clutch to prevent most modern automatic watches from being over-wound (please TGV or anyone out there, correct me if I am wrong) ?

That Gladiator says:

I have no understanding of the vintage market and I see GO spezimatics going for under $800 on chrono24. what's the catch?

Hawk170122 says:

If able, I would love to see you do a review on antique pocket watches!

petermconnolly says:

Hi, thank you for the info on winders. I'll be buying a Wolf on your recommendation. I've been enjoying my Carl Friedrik Swanfiel. Thank you, it feels great, and it holds my cards and cash safely, and securely. I have a quick question about the watch winder GIAJ#4 episode. I caught a glimpse of what looked like a line of silver skulls on the band of a ring. Would you share the details, as I would love a skull motif on a new ring. I love Keith Richards skull ring, but I'm not a rock god, but that glimpse was intriguing. Keep safe. Peter

Tom Reiner says:

They make sense if you have complications such as moonphase or eternal calendars, when it takes you a long time to get them dialed in correctly after the watch has stopped.

Mike D says:

2:30 – the clues to the WatchBox partnership were there all along!

Garrett Hu says:

I have a wolf wonder just for my SKX007, can’t hack or manually wind that one so it’s a pain. No other watches I gave needs a winder.

Techno sailor says:

Im newer to watch ownership and knowledge…. when i have battery watches sitting should i keep the crown pulled out so its not always moving/on?

Charles Carr says:

I've never been sure if I'm imagining this or not, but I feel like watches get more accurate the more you wear them (to a point, anyway). When they're new or you've not worn one in a while they seem to be less accurate than when you wear it daily. But, as I say, it may be my imagination.

Marcus M says:

Seems like a easy business to enter. Servo controlers are not expensive. If you connect the watch winders together you can build a brand on it.

wirdy1 says:

A bit misleading. Let's face it, a movement is wearing out all the time it's running. Modern automatics cannot be 'over-wound', the mainspring is carefully designed to slip in the barrel once fully wound. An inexpensive winder that has selectable rotation and timer will cause no more appreciable wear than wearing the watch. A watch that's rested will wear less since the movement will be dormant, but setting the time & date regularly will put wear onto the day/date ratchets & pawls & the drivetrain clutches. So you're trading wear on some items for wear on other items. In general, the autowind mechanism is designed to be more resilient/tolerant to wear than the setting mechanisms. Daily wear is the ideal, however, given the choice of a winder or manually resetting the watch every few days, the winder gets my vote.

Mike Egan says:

I have a pretty cheap watch winder and it goes bidirectional. It also stops after a few hours.

Gary Willacey says:

I use a winder from time to time but only if I plan to wear the watches over the next few days otherwise they sit still & look pretty. Watch winders are good in moderation, they are useful but we need to not over use them, if you don't plan to wear the watch, don't turn them on…simple.

Aryeh H says:

Lots of less expensive winders count rotations and have multiple settings.

Versa NEW AND IMPROVED Mabuchi Japanese Motor and Gearbox. The Watch Winder has 4 Turns Per Day (350-650-850-1050) settings and 3 direction settings for clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directional. There are 12 different setting combinations. The watch winder will turn for approximately 5 minutes, then rests varies depending on setting. This cycle will repeat while the watch winder is on. The watch winder is programmed not to turn continuously which will overwind your watch.

David Boulton says:

It’s not worth puta Tudor in the bank fella,! 👍😂😂😂😂

bobbarker14 says:

I use Versa winders from Amazon for my 4 automatics. They have four different TPD settings – 350, 650, 850, 1050. All of my watches require 650 TPD for continued use. I use my Orient power reserve watch to give a loose approximation of how wound the other watches that I haven't been wearing are. When power reserve is at or close to max I switch all of my winders down to 350 TPD. When it's down to 25% power reserve, I switch them back to 650 TPD. It's not much work and I enjoy actively engaging them every couple of days, they never need to be reset and they are not continually maxed out on winding. I'm not endorsing Versa, BTW. I've had mine for a little less than a year and so far they haven't broken. No idea how long they'll last beyond that.

Column Wheel says:

Was told by a very reputable NYC watchmaker (affiliated with Sotheby’s Auctions) not to use winders. Just occasionally wind your watch when not in use. However was told to use an appropriate winder for perpetual annual calendar watches.

Liam Brown says:

Question. How do you know when its time to service your watch??

Michael Escay says:

great information here. Thank you TGV. I was considering several winders online, and was not aware of this potential problem. Cheers!

Navraj Gill says:

What if you had a wall of wolf watch winders?

The_Rebel says:

Hi TGV do you have a video on Timegragers and how to use them? What is the best model in your opinion?

C WB says:

Thank you so much for all that you do. I really do appreciate your calm level headed approach to Horology.

Watches are such a personal and dear item to those of use that collect them. To me it doesn't matter what you collect, only that you love what you collect.

Mine make me happy, I care so much about them. They represent the most valuable thing we all have which is time. It's more precious than Gold, Diamonds or Jewels. You can buy more of it at any price.

So to me a device that keeps me aware of my time and how it goes by me, is priceless.

Thank you again

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