The Big Bang Theory Best of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun HD


Nintendo Impact Gaming! says:

"HD"…..yeh right lol

Eve ill Anderson says:

know what i was thinking? believe, sympathize, empathize, pity, assist and support the lying sex

Eve ill Anderson says:

ya and boys just want to go to war right?

PrivateVoidNoname says:

how is it funny?

Scott Hawkwind says:

Laugh track seems to be based on sexual innuendo or nudity in general

Just Science says:

Big bang theory >>>>>>>>>Friends

Edward Kinsey says:

The Big Bang Theory is so much better than Friends

soccer fan says:

thinking about it these 3 girls are weirdos just like the boys

Lone Wolf says:

after season 6 the show lost its charm

L. D. Chandrasena says:

45:00 and 1:04:48 the best

Eve ill Anderson says:

and some girls learn to hate that fun for various reasons but ya i try not to be a dick about it :/

Opal Sky says:

Amy has such an intense crush on Penny.

anthony jenson says:

I started thinking I will watch a little, but turned out I watched the whole video

Tio Nino says:

I want to the circumference of Bernadette's areolas.

Cherry blossom says:

Amy is my spirit animal!

Glanda Nelson says:

Whatever life is too short penny rocks♡🍓

entertain7us14 says:

the Amy love in the comments makes me so happyyyyy