The Big Bang Theory Best Hilarious Moments of Season 5 YouTube

The Big Bang Theory – Best of Season 5 (part 3 of 3) To check out more best of videos from other seasons, click on the link below. Big Bang Theory – Best of .


Jack Kornowske says:

f U n”

EJSFilms2K says:

Pepto Bismol is better than Strawberry Quik

szs voc says:

27 yrs ago writers/actors w zero charm wit or talent , try to replace it w cute crap. lame af

it just me ok says:

1:24:12 I bought 6 new friends

randrianoromalala valisoa says:

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Autumn Bloom says:

She is not for you

Joshua Matthew M. Samarita says:

13:41 is that Sheldon's father?

Ethan Basti says:

13:40 Sheldon's father in Young Sheldon

If you like Pinacoladas says:

Damn, just realized Jimmy the Bully is the same guy who plays Young Sheldon's dad

Chloe Stroud says:

3 hours and no ads well is this wonderful thing

Divina Loupe Arellano says:

3:15 Is he jealous? Aw. Sweetie <3

Aslam Ahmed says:

It's is humerus… but unfortunately it's a set of repeating videos…. Don't waste your time thinking that you have seen this before… 🖖

Nida Gillani says:

24:36 aww he looks like a innocent baby

WWG World Wrestling Generations says:

i laughed at 22:56

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