The Big Bang Theory – 12×06 – The Imitation Perturbation (Extended Promo)


Catherine Howie says:

I guess this is Howard’s way of calling Sheldon for all the crap he’s put them all through throughout the years

Avery Merrick says:

That is NOT going to end well, Howard.

U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It says:

Hate that pronunciation of "derisive".

Svetlana Andrášová says:

Helberg is incredible actor

Daniel Jackson says:

This looks golden

aecrouch 2016 says:

Please just end the show now.

Rehan Arshad says:

Sheldon is getting way too old to still dress like that

Miguel Perez says:

Identity theft is not a joke Howard!

james IX says:

I am genuinely looking forward to this episode

karen taylor says:

Can't wait!😊

Donny Hughes says:

Makes me laugh

Philippe Gauvin-Vallée says:

Isn't imitation the highest form of flattery?

Aztecelotl says:

Just like that time when Joey was disguised as Chandler

Sir Isengard says:

I don‘t like Anu. The second Emily (red hair) was so cute or drone girl Cynthia. One of them would be so much better.

Lorena Cabrera Vera says:

I'm confused with Amy… Her caracter has evolved waaaay beyond recognition within the series. Not realistic towards the personality we met in the beginning. Completely different person. She is now Mayim Bialik.

Unlimited Stone9 says:

Why does it have to end, the show is just warming up again!

jcr1138 says:

Howard as Sheldon looks much like Agent Maxwell Smart!