The Best Watch Under $100? – Timex Fairfield

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A watch is essential to my everyday carry (EDC). Some of my favorite budget watches are the Timex Fairfield watches. Their stylish design, reliable build quality and low price (under $100, or even under $50 on sale) makes them an easy addition to anyone’s watch collection.

Timex Fairfield Watch (US) (CA) (UK)

Timex Fairfield Chronograph Watch (Timex US) (Timex CA)

The Complete Timex Fairfield Collection: (Timex US) (Timex CA)

20mm NATO straps: (US) (CA) (UK) (AliExpress, I purchased mine here but you’ll need to wait longer on shipping)

If you really want an automatic mechanical watch, Seiko 5 are pretty nice as well. But I guess I can make another video if anyone is interested.


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kelly kuang says:

Hi,friend,I like your vedio,our starking watch also hot in Youtube and Amazon, have so many free fashion

Automatic watch for Youtuber,if you like,please contact me.

MrBacchus18 says:

I'm happy to see drilled lug holes here

Dee Ayres says:

I was looking at this watch but wanted some extra straps like you have. Is there lengths or sizes in particular I need to buy or will all nato straps fit? Thanks

Satvik Rustagi says:

someone help me decide , i like them both but i can only buy one , which one should it be ?

Satvik Rustagi says:

If I were to get only one , which is better ? The Chrono or the non Chrono version

Liem Nguyen says:

Hi David, can I ask which video editing software did you use for this video? Thanks


What is your wrist size?

Edvin Maksuti says:

which Seiko is that? the black dial one.

Dinuk Silva says:

Love your taste in watches man. What's the model of that black face Seiko tho?!

Siva ca says:

you forgot to tell the price bro? pls tell me

Mark1Mach2 says:

Thanks for pointing out that ticking noise. I have a Timex expedition and the ticking noise is just annoying no matter where especially when driving. I may have to ignore Timex watches for that very reason :-/

Javier Hernandez says:

I wish they'd make a version with a miyota nine thousand series movement.

O G says:

I wish these were more affordable in Australia. They range from 150 to 200 Australian dollars 🙁

Vijema says:

I still regret buying my Skagen Signatur knowing I could’ve got a Seiko 5 or a Timex Weekender Fairfield or Expedition Scout for a fraction of what I paid for the Signatur.

Stoney Lonsome says:

I like the Waterbury model they did that looks like the Rolex explorer- it's an homage I guess. I bought it on the spur of the moment, and to be honest I was afraid when it got here I wouldn't care for it because I generally buy higher end, Swiss made watches- but I was wrong, I love this watch. I wear it more often than I wear the more expensive watches I own, because it just looks better- I get compliments on it all the time. No one says a word when I wear my expensive pieces- they probably just think I have on a 50 dollar Walmart special- but if you put this Timex on, ppl are going to ask about it.

WeiSen Tan says:

Whats the model of the white seiko 5? Looks sweet

Brian B says:

Seriously….don't buy a sub-$100 watch. Look at the purchase as a legacy investment and at least pony up a grand (if not more). It will be a MUCH better allocation of money.

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