The Best Watch Under $100? – Timex Fairfield

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A watch is essential to my everyday carry (EDC). Some of my favorite budget watches are the Timex Fairfield watches. Their stylish design, reliable build quality and low price (under $100, or even under $50 on sale) makes them an easy addition to anyone’s watch collection.

Timex Fairfield Watch (US) (CA) (UK)

Timex Fairfield Chronograph Watch (Timex US) (Timex CA)

The Complete Timex Fairfield Collection: (Timex US) (Timex CA)

20mm NATO straps: (US) (CA) (UK) (AliExpress, I purchased mine here but you’ll need to wait longer on shipping)

If you really want an automatic mechanical watch, Seiko 5 are pretty nice as well. But I guess I can make another video if anyone is interested.


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